The Kingdom Of Foxglove

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The Kingdom Of Foxglove
The Flag of The Kingdom Of Foxglove.png
The Official Royal Coat of Arms of The Kingdom Of Foxglove.png

Sacrifice, Strength and Vigilance
Heil Dir Im Seigerkranz
(Capital) McColl, SC (United States) =
Capital cityFoxglove
Largest cityHorseshoe
Official language(s)English
Recognised languagesAll Languages
Official religion(s)Protestant Christianity
Short nameFoxglove
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KingWilliam I
- Prime MinisterVacant
- Prince-GeneralTerrell of Foxglove
LegislatureBegonian Parliament
Established11 April 2020
Area claimedFamily and Donated Property
Population(Residential) 6(Official) 34
CurrencyKing. Then, Reichsmark, Delixpence, Pfenning, Ore
Time zoneEastern Standard Time (EST)
National dishGrilled Rabbit
National drinkRoyal Begonian Brandy
National animalWhite Tailed Deer
Patron saintSaint Thomas Aquinas