Kingdom of Ceresia

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Kingdom of Ceresia
427px-Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ceresia svg.png
Motto: Freedom, Equality, and Strength (…Aequalitas, concentus, didi anus magis probus…)
National Anthem Ace High March
Official language English
Denonym Dollar
Government Blended Monarchy
Founded 8 August 2012
Area Various
Location High Desert of California (USA)
Population Varies
Currency Dollar
Head of State The Viceroy
Contact Us []
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Official Government Site Ceresia Government Site

The Kingdom of Ceresia, also known as Ceresia is a micronation founded in 2012. Its declared land can be found in Southern California high desert area, (U.S.A.), and is wholly owned by the government. The Capitol of Ceresia is currently located in the Province of West Lancaster. West Lancaster is where the majority of administration for the nation is done. The Office of the Viceroy is located in the province and The Viceroy embodies all the administrative power vested there in by the Constitution of Ceresia. Lands that are within the jurisdiction of other nations that Ceresia and her citizens reside are still beholden to their laws.

The Kingdom of Ceresia and her people have declared that they are not rebel secessionists and they are peaceful people who are proud dual citizens with the other countries in which they reside.

National Coat of Arms

427px-Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Ceresia svg.png

Type of Government

When as most nations are born they begin as a new idea or evolution of an established concept. The Kingdom of Ceresia was found on the premise of a “blended” government combining limited representative constitutional democracy and a modified monarchal form.

The foundation of the Ceresian government is the use of representative format which focuses the political power of the majority by the transference of that power to the minority of representatives in the form The Senate. In the case of The Senate, citizens vote for an individuals to represent their interests at the legislative levels of government from the provinces they live. Ceresian citizens also have the power to submit bills to The Senate via a referendum. The Senate can debate such legislation and may vote it into law. (See the Ceresian Constitution)

An absolute monarch is head of both state and government. Absolute power is impossible to hold in actuality due to the political influence of churches, the aristocracy, political parties and the citizens. However, our design of means that no one person is above the law (in as far as that means)

Part two of the government is a monarchy in which is the nation's sovereignty is legally vested is in the constitution and physically embodied in The Viceroy. Monarchies have traditionally been characterized by hereditary rule for life. A wide variety of forms of monarchy have evolved macronationally and micronationally, with differences including degree of power, limits on tenure, and the determination of who the monarch is. With our form the monarchy is “vacated” to wit no person will have control by hereditary or passage of power. However, The Viceroy does have some monarchal powers and others will be bestowed to The Senate. The monarchy is not an absolute monarchy due to the division of powers.

Legal System

The legal system in Ceresia is based in trial by jury. Parties are innocent until proven guilty. At the provincial level judges are elected. Citizens have the right to legal representation. All judges and officers of the court are sworn to up hold the law. The Judiciary is a kin to the American legal system in as it the branch of the government that oversees the overall legal disposition country. At the head of the Judiciary is the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court handles matters as it relates to constitutional law. The Supreme Court will entertain cases that have been appealed to them by groups or individuals that are conflict with the constitution. The enforcer for The Judiciary is the Judge Advocate. That individual is responsible for the service of subpoenas from the Supreme Court, The Office of the Viceroy or The Senate. The Judge Advocate also performs investigation, arrest and prosecutions as order by the Supreme Court. Also special investigations if so ordered by The Viceroy.

Foreign Relations

Currently, The Kingdom of Ceresia is seeking peaceful relations with all micro/macro nations. We are open to discussion without reservation and accept relations with peaceful nations. It is also hope by establishment of trade agreements, pacts of mutual economic support as well as cultural exchanges with other micronations we will further strengthen our postion in the world of micronationalism.

Any nation that wishes to start talks may contact the Ministry of Forign Affairs through our website or copy and paste our email address here on MicroWiki page. All communications will be taken seriously and responded to within an acceptable time frame.


As with all nations great and small, The Kingdom of Ceresia has a military. Since Ceresia is a “landlocked” nation there is no current need to naval forces. Ceresia Armed Defense Forces (CADF) has three branched at this time, Army, Air Force and Special Forces. The army (CA) is trained with the latest military tactics as a rapid response force to external threats as well as civil unrest. The military also works as emergency responders for natural disaster that may befall the country. As far as defense of sovereign air space it falls to the Air Force (CAF). The Air Force is responsible for air lift, resupply and combat support of ground forces. The Ceresian Special Forces (CSF) are the elite of the military. Counter insurgence, intelligence gathering, anti-terrorist actions, are just some the operation that they perform.


Ceresia economy is based on free markets, entrepreneurship and open competition. The government’s involvement is to only to level the playing field through ensuring fair economic practices with consumer protections which are enforced by The Bureau of Commerce and Trade. Monatary standards are recommended by the Bureau of Commerce and Trade to The Senate as well.

The currency of the Ceresia is based on the Silver Standard. For monatary matters involving government to government, special letters of credit or Carte Blanche are issued through the Bureau of Commerce and Trade by senatorial budget committee to conduct the business or by The Office of Viceroy

Ceresia's List of Recognized Nations

The nations on this list have open relations with Ceresia based on our nations criteria and in accordance with their foreign policy

Arms4 molossia2.jpgThe Republic of Molossia

123coa.jpgUntitled 12.jpgGovernment of Leylandiistan / Leylandiistan and Gurvata Confederation

Flag Of Vikesland svg.jpgVikesland



2,350 feet (720 m) above sea level on a high, flat valley surrounded by pristine mountain ranges. Because the elevation is in the range of 2000 to 3,000 feet (600–900 m) above sea level, the area, like the other parts of the Mojave Desert region, is alternatively referred to as the High Desert


800px-Geese and Antelope Valley poppies.jpg

Warm semi-arid steppe climate (Köppen climate classification BSh). which is less hot and more rainy than a typical arid climate classification. The area within Lancaster is covered by shrublands (80%), forests (8%), grasslands (7%), lakes and rivers (2%), and croplands (2%).[12] The average daytime high in the summertime is around 95 °F (35 °C) and the average winter daytime highs are in the upper 50s (15 °C). Overnight lows during the coldest months (December–March) can dip into the low teens Fahrenheit (-12 °C). With an average rainfall of eight inches (200 mm), clear days are the norm even in winter, when surrounding mountain ranges are blanketed with snow. Thunderstorms are infrequent but do occur in July through September. There is a mild frost throughout March, and temperatures begin to climb in April. Spring wildflowers are abundant

Culture and Holidays

August 8 - Foundation Day

February 1 National Day of Prayer

January 1 New Year

December 25 Christmas Day

March 31 Labor Day


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The Magna Carta The Great Charter

Ace High March - 1969 : Composer: Edwin Goodwin [3]