The Jordino Rebellion

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The Rebellion was started by the former Head of the jordino Party,<Redacted>, the rebellion wanted to put in place a fascist government in the nation known as the Socialist Republic Of Fesmar.

Members of the rebellion

Heads: <redacted> ( former head of the Roadrunner Republic) and <redacted> (former Head of the Jordino Party)

Soldiers: 5

Consequences of the rebellion

1. Rise Of King 2. Exiled <redacted> 3. <redacted> declared independence and made his own country 4. <redacted> Re-entered the government as a loyal foot soldier

Battles of the rebellion

Battle of Kington River, 45 Casualties (7 soldiers on both sides, Casualties Caused by getting hit by BBs) Winner: Rebellion Battle of Linsington Woods, 37 Casualties Winner: Loyalists