The Intergalactic Treaty

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Intergalactic Treaty (TIT)
The Intergalactic Treaty.png
Front page of the treaty

Created 2 June 2019

Ratified 2 June 2019

Current Location Aenopia flag.svg Empire of Aenopia

Author(s) Simon Reeve

Signatories Simon Reeve
Tucker Gibbs
King Niel Murphy II of Valeria
PM Leon Montan
HRH King Alexander of Lytera
President Benjamin of Plattia Laco
Emperor William of Lehmark

Purpose To end interstellar claims made by micronations and to leave the heavens open to all of humanity to explore

The Intergalactic Treaty was a formal document created by New Cymru on 3 June 2019. It encourages that any nation that signs it will not make any intergalactic claims on any planets, moons, stars or terrestrial bodies in order to leave the galaxy free to explore and research. The first amendment also encourages that any nation that signs it will not recognise any micronation that claims any interstellar space. It has been signed by 8 nations.

The contents of the treaty are now more commonly seen and ratified in the more well-known Edgbaston Convention and so as a result has made the Intergalactic Treaty obsolete.


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