The Independent State of New Velothis

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Independent State of New Velothis

In caelo per violentiam (Latin: To heaven by violence)
Oklahoma, United States
Official language(s)English, Dunmeris
Official religion(s)Reformed Temple of New Velothis
Short nameNew Velothis
DemonymNew Velothi
GovernmentRepresentative Democracy
- Redoran Councillor[POSITION VACANT]
- Indoril CouncillorCalden Releth
- Telvanni CouncillorRosenthal Drakken
- Hlaalu Councillor[POSITION VACANT]
Population10 (as of this article's creation)

Official website

The Independent State of New Velothis, more commonly known as New Velothis, is a micronation in Oklahoma, USA. It was founded in the Tribunal Temple Reconstruction community, as an experiment in the creation of a cultural identity where the Tribunal Temple Reconstruction community attempted to create a religious identity.

The Independent State of New Velothis considers itself to be "Fictional Reconstructionist," specifically a reimagining of the culture and political structure of Morrowind, from the Elder Scrolls universe. Many citizens of the Independent State of New Velothis see fictional reconstructionism as a way of combating disenchantment and "injecting beauty and magic into a world that is lacking in those elements," in the words of Indoril Calden Releth.

As the ISNV was founded as a reimagining of Morrowind, it recognizes four Great Houses, based on four of the five Houses of Morrowind: Indoril, which concerns itself with religion, philosophy, and law; Redoran, which concerns itself with peacekeeping and defense; Telvanni, which concerns itself with the sciences as well as the occult; and Hlaalu, which concerns itself with trade and commerce. The Reformed Temple of New Velothis, which is heavily tied into House Indoril but exists outside the House system, is also a minor player in politics.

The Independent State of New Velothis has five provisions for diplomatic relations:

  • The "Take No for an Answer" clause, which states that all nations seeking to open relations will be rejected at first and only those who handle this gracefully will be considered.
  • The "Basic Human Decency" clause, which states that the ISNV will not open relations with fascist, strict-conservative, or absolute-monarchistic nations, or those which prohibit the propagation of leftist ideologies.
  • The "Exclude the Exclusivists" clause, which states that the ISNV will not ally with any micronations that enforce or reward belief in any religion or lack thereof over others.
  • The "Baby Jail" clause, which states that the ISNV will not open diplomatic relations with any micronation whose leader is below the voting age of the ISNV, which is sixteen years of age.
  • The "Micronationalism for a Purpose" clause, which states that the ISNV will prioritize micronations that use their power and organization to promote social justice, environmental, or human rights-related causes, so long as other provisions are met.
  • The "Reconstructive Alliance" clause, which states that the ISNV will prioritize micronations with a focus on fictional or historical reconstruction/reimagining, so long as other provisions are met.


The name "New Velothis" comes from the name "Velothi," or, those who followed Saint Veloth to the land that would later become Morrowind and whose descendants became the Chimer and later Dunmer. "New Velothis" was chosen rather than "New Resdayn" or "New Morrowind" to emphasize that, in the words of founder and acting councillor Indoril Calden Releth, "though the citizens of our Nation are spread few and far between-- in exile, so to speak, and trying to find our way home by any means-- we are bound through this common connection, and indeed, in fleeing a world increasingly concerned with appearance and pretense over substance and authenticity, we are the new Velothi."

Politics and government

The Independent State of New Velothis is governed by a Council of one elected member from each of the Great Houses. Elections are held on a six month cycle, once on 30 March and once on 30 September. The Council then makes decisions in consensus, though all decisions are subject to a confirmation vote by the citizenry. In states of emergency, in cases when conflict among Councillors has ceased to be productive and is instead hampering the decision making process, or when the Independent State of New Velothis is proven to be under attack, a Special Election is held in which all four Houses must elect a Hortator, who becomes sole ruler of the Independent State of New Velothis until the state of emergency has passed.