The Independent State of Cuckfield

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The Independent State of Cuckfield
ISOC Logo (Flag)


Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Anglican (Established Relgiion), also Baptist
Short nameISOC
- MayorLeanne Knapman (2018-9)
- ChairmanJim Ayling
Area claimed40km²
Population5250 (Cuckfield inclduing Cuckfield Rural as of 2011 census)
Time zone(GMT)
National sportWalking
National animalCuckoo

Independent State of Cuckfield Website
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The Independent State of Cuckfield is a micronation founded by Unilateral declaration of independence UDI in 1966. An active local charitable organisation it raises money for local good causes through an honestly corrupt election for the Mayor as head of state.


After annexation of some land by the county council varuius local good causes could no lonmger raise money they raised at the annual Donkey Races, and a Mayor's Election was suggested to raise funds. Since Rhodesia had recently issued a unilateral declaration of independence Cuckfield followed suit and the Independent State of Cuckfield was born. See more information at here.

Government and politics

The Government of the Independent State of Cuckfield is a relaxed afair. While the Mayor is the titular head of state and attends meetings management of Independent State of Cuckfield is run by a committee of volunteers lead by a chairman, treasurer and secretary. Various traditional roles are filled for ceremonial purposes, such as the Mace Bearer, and High Sheriff of Cuckfield.

Geography and climate

Cuckfield from the air at the Mayor's Procession in 2017.

OS grid reference TQ305245
Lat/Long: 51.0096°N 0.1407°W

Hottest Month July (17 °C avg)
Coldest Month January (5 °C avg)
Wettest Month January (4.7 cm avg)
Windiest Month January (9 mph avg)
Annual Rainfall 38 cm (per year)


There is a thriving business community in Cuckfield with a wide range of shops and other services available. A list can be found here at


Independent State of Cuckfield organises a number of regular activities.
Chief amongst these is the annual mayoral election, held on the third Friday in October. Candidates for mayor must submit all their votes (costing one penny each) by 10:55pm. After counting is completed the new mayor is dressed in their ceremonial robes and gives a short victory speech.
The following day sees the Mayor's Procession parade through the village - before the new Mayor is presented with the keys to the village (and a ceremonial pint of beer) by the High Sheriff outside the The Talbot Inn.
Other important events inlcude the annual Cuckoo Fayre on the first Monday in May, and a free Christmas lunch for over-65's and a walking race on Easter Monday.


The village has a wide range of cultural activities with some of the most notable being an annual bonfire (lit by the Mayor) and firework display, an oficial state theatre company Cuckfield Dramatic Society, as well as the Cuckfield Museum.
Various other groups organise art, dance, singing, bridge, as well as sports such as running, cricket, badminton, lawn tennis and children's and adults football teams.
Note that the Cuckfield Town Football Club was formed in 1872, when the village was the centre of the Urban District (before the growth of nearby Haywards Heath).


The local magazine Cuckfield Life is published and distributed in and around the village. There are also parish magazine at the local churches. A notable online site (in addition to official sites above)is the Cuckfield Society site.

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