The Imperial Xinaing Empire

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The Imperial Xinaing Empire is a micronation that was established in 2019 but dates back to 1942. This is because of the ancestors pf the RFT party.

The Imperial Xinaing Empire

Ibu Pertiwiku
Capital cityKuching
Largest cityKuching
Official language(s)Mandarin, Malay, Japanese
Official religion(s)None
Short nameIXE
GovernmentRFT Party
CurrencyYen ¥
Time zone(GMT+9)
National sportField Hockey
National animalAmoeba

The Imperial Xinaing Empire



During the second world war, on the 15th of February, shortly after the Japanese invasion on the 3rd of February. A liberation movement known as RFT (Radical Flip Triangle) was formed, they played a crucial role in the war in the pacific. Originally the RFT engaged in guerilla warfare with IJA forces to resist the Japanese occupation. In the summer of 1942, RFT was approached by the allies to divert their attention from their own nations' liberty and to focus on the wider scale and to drain Japanese resources through continued guerilla-style attacks on fuel reserves and airfields. Eventually, when Australian and British SAS forces arrived in 1945 and began operation Oboe lasting from the 1st of May to the 21st of July, Borneo was brought back to its original state and the RFT forces were ordered to disband by the occupying allied forces.

Enraged by the allies' disregard to the RFT's intent to have the country run by its people, the RFT threatened to continue it's military operations onto now allied controlled states. Allied forces reluctantly withdrew from the Bornean isles and returned control to the Bornean people. RFT remained the controlling military of Sarawak until 1963 when Malaysia formed, swallowing Borneo as a country. RFT then, angered by their independence being taken again learned from the war with the Japanese. Admiring their previous foe's determination to expand their influence into Asia, decided to take on a political movement to back up their already developed military. They ironically decided during the Semmengoh summit of 64' to use the Imperial Japanese's political template and become an authoritarian government. Electing the members of the RFT party as the royal family.


During 1990, fighting for an independence referendum, the vote for Xinaing independence was approved by the Malaysian government and officially declared themselves from an undisclosed broadcasting station to the world as "The Imperial Xinaing Empire". Following in the footsteps of the IJA, they began to develop plans to reunify three key states of Borneo, under the operation name- Operation Kurakura. The operation consisted of a series of naval invasions into the state of Sabah and launch a land invasion into Brunei, hoping that Sabah would capitulate first and trap Brunei and cut off supply lines and force them into a war on two fronts.

In 2003 border tensions with Brunei heightened during the Teraja border incident where shots were exchanged between the forces of Xinaings 31st Rifles Regiment and Malaysian forces due to a misreading of vehicle traffic on the northeastern side of the border. The RFT government from the Kuok Pin castle in Kuching declared a state of emergency to the people and had all forces on standby. During an emergency cabinet between top-ranking officials and their generals, it had been decided to ignore all diplomatic attempts from the state of Brunei and issued the order to 31st Rifles to begin an invasion into the Labi Forest Reserve. They were met with little resistance as it had been expected by Malaysia (collectively) that diplomatic resolve could be achieved. It had been reported that 23 Malaysian soldiers were killed in the invasion while Xinaing casualties amounted to 12, 350 Malaysian soldiers had also been captured upon the seizure of Labi after their surrender after being encircled during an effort to retreat. Xinaing forces held a tight defensive perimeter around the national park. Veterans from the Japanese war were now commanders of regiments and were able to effectively set out their positions in the forest until Malaysian ambassadors requested a ceasefire and to negotiate white peace. RFT made the decision, now fearing Indonesian involvement, to decide to cease plans to launch a previously planned campaign through the north to unify the states of Brunei and Sabah as one. Tensions were finally reduced to 0 after Xinaing promised to ease their territorial ambitions towards the north.

Diplomatic relations

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