The Imperial Wound badge

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Wound Badge
Awarded by the Empire of New Europe
Type: Military Medal
Awarded For: Receiving a wound in action, or being killed in action.
Status: Currently Awarded
Established: 13 January 2020
First Awarded: March 2020
Distinct Recipients: Vladimir Baruh(3rd class).
Next (higher): Order of The Iron Cross 2nd Class
Next (lower): Infantry Assault Badge, Panzer Assault Badge, Kriegsmarine Service medal

The Imperial Wound Badge is a badge which has three class and two branches (Heer and Kriegsmarine), it is an award in 3 stages- 1st: Awarded for doing service for the Empire of New Germany and dying or receiving a life altering wound(being shot, stabbed, hit by any automobile, ect), 2nd Class: doing service with the Empire of New Germany and receiving sever wound wile serving with the Heer or Kriegsmarine(3-4th degree burns, stitches, cuts longer then 3 inches, ect), 3rd class receiving minor wounds wile in service of the New Germany(cuts below 3 inches, scrapes, bruises, 2-1 degree burns ect.).

Wound badge 1st class, Heer
Wound badge 1st class, Kriegsmarine
Wound badge 2nd class, Heer
Wound badge 2nd class, kriegsmarine
Wound badge 3rd class, Heer
Wound badge 3rd class, Kriegsmarine