The Iceni Republic

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The Iceni Republic
Coat of Arms

The Republic Rises
God Save the King
Capital cityVenta Icenorum
Largest cityVenta Icenorum
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Secular
Short nameIceni
DemonymIceni (nationality), Iceni (adjective)
GovernmentFederal parliamentary republic
- Supreme ChancellorJohn Gordon
- Vice ChairVacant
LegislatureRepublic Senate
- Type - unicameral
- Number of seats - 6
EstablishedSeptember 28, 2019
CurrencyPound Sterling
Time zoneGMT
National animalStag

Iceni, officially the Kingdom of Iceni is a micronation that was created on the 26th September 2019 by John Gordon. The government is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy in which the King is Head of State and Prime Minister head of government, The legislative is the Iceni Parliament.


The Kingdom of Iceni was founded on the 28th September 2019, however the state has existed from 2009 under several different incarnations. Sakasaria, Breckland and Palaisa.


The Kingdom of Iceni is a constitutional parliamentary monarchy with the King as head of state Prime Minister as head of government. The basic laws of the IDR are prescribed in the Constitution, the constitution was adopted on the founding of the state. the government of Iceni, known as the HM Government or Cabinet of the Kingdom of Iceni consists of ministers in the government and were responsible for the daily governence of the IDR.

The IDR has been governed by the Iceni Military Council as from the 28th January 2020 following the coup d'etat that dissolved the Praetorian Assembly. On the 4th February 2020, the Iceni Military Council officially passed and ratified the new constitution, returning power to the new legislative, the Parliament of the Kingdom of Iceni and establishing the monarchy.


Territorial Claims

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom of Iceni prides itself of being an outward looking nation and pursuing diplomatic relations with a diverse range of nations. Its Foreign Policy is quite straightforward in keeping with its professional policies.

  • The micronation must be at least 1 year old and not drastically changed their form of governance in the last 6 months.
  • The micronation must have a website with clear and truthful information (population, goals, territory).
  • The micronation must exist in real life: countries with a fictional history, population or claims on virtual maps or imaginary worlds on the internet is not micronationalism but geofiction.

If a micronation does not adhere to these three points then recognition and indeed bilateral relations cannot take place. The Iceni Kingdom endevours to expand its sphere to influence within the community using bilateral relations and its voice within international organisations. They aim to sign treaties of friendship and mutual recognition and forge ever closer relationships with their existing allies.

Diplomatic Relations