The History of Kapreburg (book)

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The History of Kapreburg
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AuthorCameron I (as The Rt. Hon Sir Cameron Koehler RMP OKE OFP AM OER CNZ OJI PVS)
PublisherBarrington Books
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The History of Kapreburg (released legally in Ikonia as The History of Kapreburg (for now...)) is a historiographical micronational history book documenting the History of Kapreburg. It was written by the Ikonian monarch and Kapresh politician Cameron I. It was the first ever literature work by Cameron, and was published in 2021 by Barrington Books. It documents Kapreburg's history from the start of Zekia in 2012 up until its' state as a monarchy in early May 2021. Every so often in each chapter, there will be notes by Cameron in parentheses. He claims this is his way to connect with the author in a way; and that he'll continue do this in his future works.

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