The Hillman Accords

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The Hillman Accords, also known as the Unification Act, was what brought the Chrononian Microkingdoms together. Mortia, Sylpha, Hallon, Vertech, and Delta all agreed to these terms and became what is now known as the United Chrononian Emirates. The Hillman accords were heavily debated on at first and Mortia especially was not happy with the act concerning land distribution. But eventually, they all agreed and the accords were signed on November 28, 2018.

Before the Accords

Chrononia was very isolated up until recently, but the accords changed that. While the accords brought Chrononia together, it also regarded some of the laws concerning the isolation. Chrononians were actually isolated by law and were not allowed to have any interactions with other nations or nationalities unless a serious event took place or other life-threatening situation. The Council of Chrononia, which was established by the Accords, revisited the amendment preventing such interactions. Now, Chrononia is able to interact more freely with other nations and micronations, but with some limitations. The archipelago which Chrononia is now located was settled in 1573, each of the separate kingdoms was settled in a different corner of the isles. Land distribution was very uneven, some of the smaller kingdoms were just barely holding their borders from the larger ones. Mortia was much more militaristic than the rest, having claimed over half the archipelago.

A map of the Chrononian borders prior to the Hillman Accords

Chrononia was also very much at war with each other, fighting almost constantly for land, resources, and power. Even after the accords some of the kingdoms still hold slight grudges against one another.


The Chrononian Accords had many conditions to how the kingdoms could behave while under the accords. This page focuses on the main acts but the full text can be found here.

ACT I: All citizens of every kingdom within the Chrononian Emirates are given the right to freedom, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom cannot be taken away from anyone within the boundaries of the accords. The kingdoms of Mortia, Sylpha, Hallon, Vertech, and Delta will be united under the Emirates and their citizens receive all the rights of those under the Accords. The Chrononian Council will be formed to make decisions on war declaration, royal power, land distribution, and other things concerning the Emirates as a whole. Royalty is still in charge of their own Dominion, taxes, construction, political issues and the rest of the lesser laws, but larger decisions will fall to the Council.

ACT II: Discrimination against race, sex, and gender is strictly prohibited. Aggressive assault on another citizen, sexual or otherwise, is outlawed, doing so will result in twenty years of prison. Recreational drugs are outlawed and found possession of them can result in confiscation, in a fine of $1,000,000, and 10 years in prison. The United Chrononian Emirates does not allow abortion, murder, or any other act of harm to any human being in Chrononia. Performing homicide is punishable by excecution.

ACT VII: Every Chrononian has the right to a speedy, fair trial and the defense lawyer must be random, the same applies to the condemning lawyer. Disregarding these laws will result in a corrupt trial and the trial must be redone with lawyers selected by the Council. Disregarding these laws three times results in ten years of prison as well as the automatic loss of the next two trials.