The Hallowed Imperial Empire of Okkagar

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The Hallowed Imperial Empire of Okkagar is a micronation established on 6 October 2016. It is a small nation that claims land in the American region of Aztlan, as well as a few islands and territories abroad that are not yet official.

Government and politics

Okkagar is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Royal Family consists of an Imperator who heads the military and an Empress, Erin Dragyn I, who handles political affairs. Erin Dragyn I is the Head of the House of Dragyn.

Political parties

As of yet there is only one political party in Okkagar. Headed by the Empress Erin Dragyn, the Dragynist party supports her absolute rule of the Empire.


The culture revolves around the queens lineage as she is of Japanese-Romanian-Turkish descent.