The Great Soclialist War

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The Great Socialist War

The Great Soclialist War was one of the most brutal micronational wars ever to take place. The Great Socialist War started on October 16, 2017 to December 24, 2017. It lasted 68 Days. The war started when socialist rebels started to rebel in Domolica's Capital territory, Todzou. The rebels came to be because Domolica annexed the micronations New Fithnia and Namartis, for protection against Kinderia. This sparked the rebellion. When Domolica tried to handle the rebellion, Kinderia came in to stop them. This is when the rebellion took the name New Kinderia. On November third, the micronations Castlio and Havershami joined the battle. This was when the battle manifested into a war. Domolica was slowly but surely losing; so much that Todzou almost got split in half. This was when Domolica expanded Todzou's borders Eastward across O'Fallon Road, to touch with Domolica's Arophrey Territory. This meant that Domolica's Militia didn't have to exit when preforming siege. Sooner or later on the fourteenth of November, Fithnia joined the war to help Domolica. Shortly after that Mohicani did the same. The Socialist powers had the upper hand, since the micronations Weldonia, Warrenia, and Fitzmartin supported socialism, and gladly aided the rebellion. The almost forgotten Bill of Kinderian Democracy proclaimed that any rebellion in any micronation must be resolved by splitting on sides. Kinderia split a small portion of it's Southeastern border, and made it a nation-state. Kinderia did the same to New Kinderia. Since the Kinderias were getting out of hand, the President named the new nation states. New Kinderia was now named Balboa, and the newly split territory was named Desoto. Kinderia also expanded to the northern part of Crooked Creek, and made the new nation state Nikoria. Now that the Socialist Powers were Winning the war, the Capitalist Powers had to do something. They were scouting the southern borders of Desoto when they discovered Gullies, or naturally formed trenches. This was an advantage for the Capitalist powers. On November twentysecond, operation Blitz was put into place. A group of 6 Domolican Solgiers siezed the Desotian plains, proclaiming it Domolican This made up for the lost land in Todzou. On December third, the small micronation Burgesse joined the Capitalist powers. It didn't help uch, but Domolica needed all the help they could get. On December twelth, Domolica expanded it's boarders past Seidentop Road, along Crooked Creek, and to Highway 94. The Capitalist Powers were surely losing the war. On December twentyfirst, the The Bill of Capitalist Surrender was ratified. This meant that the taken land along Crooked Creek in Todzou by the rebellion would be annexed into Todzou. The land taken between Ozark Way and Ozark Road would be annexed into Kinderia. All nation states of Kinderia were annexed back into Kinderia. On January 18, 26 days after the surrender, the Treaty of Todzou was put into place. The treaty of Todzou unannexed New Fithnia and Namartis. It stated thta any territory taken by a microntion will be turned back to it's original micronation; and that any territory that wasn't claimed by a micronation would stay the same.