The Great Kingdom of Thessania

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The Great Kingdom of Thessania


Thessa flag.pngThessaniacoa.png

"We are the best, no matter what."
"Thessani Selknita"

Istanbul, Turkey
Capital citySojdan
Largest citySojdan
Official language(s)English, Turkish
Official religion(s)Secular
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingBarisu I.
LegislatureGreat and Grand Parliament of Thessania
Established29th March 2018
Area claimed35495.3km2
Population12,051,101 (In the claimed lands)
CurrencyTurkish lira
Time zoneUTC+3
National sportBuntgen
National drinkRaki
National animalTiger

Thessania, officially The Great Kingdom of Thessania is a micronation located in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul, Turkey. Thessania is a micronation that claims the Municipalities of Büyükçekmece, Beylikdüzü and Avcılar. It is bordered by the Marmara Sea. Its capital and largest city is Sojdan. The country belongs to the ruler, King Barisu I. 


Thessania as a name traces its roots to the name of the Greek city of Thessaloniki (Greek:Θεσσαλονίκη; also known as Salonica). The adoption of this name by the King was due to the fact that one of their historic homelands is Greece.


Starting in 2012, the current King of Thessania Barisu I and his acquaintance Kadir Yusuf, declared the establishment of the Empire of Kadiristan, a micronation claiming many territories and ruled by Emperor Kadir I, with Barisu being his consultant. After rumours emerged that Kadir was attempting to oust Barisu from the Empire, the latter went on to secretly establish the Gamerian Republic with his friend Berke Baltacı, having as a primary goal the destruction of Kadiristan. When the Emperor of Kadiristan found out about Gameria though, Barisu was ousted once and for all. At the same time, another micronation called Darkland had declared war on Kadiristan, which made Barisu quit Gameria and establish the Kingdom of Thessania. Siding with Darkland and Gameria, Thessania also joined the war against Kadiristan, which soon led to a Kadiristani defeat and the capture of the region of Büyükçekmece from the Empire.

A year after the war, the Republic of Malestan joined the Kingdom of Thessania as an autonomous region. In the same time, the Turkish Micronational Union was created by Gameria and Thessania. In 2015, a Romanian micronation, the Republic of Freeland, also joined Thessania and some months later Mouzilo became the nation's third autonomous region.

After 2015, Manolis Afentoulis established another country and disestablished the Autonomous Kingdom of Mouzilo. Thessania cut down ties with Freeland and Gularisia after 2017. The state became inactive due to the King's personal life until it was re-established in 29 March 2018 with a new name and a new purpose.


The Thessanian type of Government is that of an absolute monarchy. The current King of the nation is the founder of Thessania, Barisu I. The order of succession is based on the principles of primogeniture, meaning that the King's elder sons take precedence over the younger ones, but all sons taking precedence over all daughters. The country's constitution is heavily based on that of the Republic of Turkey, with the internal control of the Thessanian territory being secured as well as a lot of other changes made in the Turkish constitution.


The constitution of the country is based for the most part on the constitution of the Republic of Turkey. The constitutional articles are well over 200, with the citizens having the right to present to the King some constitutional articles that could be added to the full text, meaning that the number of the articles in the constitution can change at any time.

Foreign relations

Thessania recognizes all of UN member states and micronations except Juzneiza (Autonomous Region of Juzneiza). The closest countries in foreign relationship with Thessania are:

  • Mouzilo MouziloFlag.png
  • Timur Yunus1.png
  • Divrovnic Divrovnic.png
  • Keeghstan KeeghstanFlag.png
  • Hyperia Hyperiaflagg.png


There is not much to be said about Thessania's economy. Due to the fact that the Kingdom is surrounded in its entirety by Turkey, Thessania's financial policies and status are exclusively dependent on the policies followed by the Republic of Turkey.


The Thessani language is a conlang created by Barisu I in cooperation with Moustafia I of Tarkosia. Even though Thessania is surrounded by Turkey, the Thessani culture vastly varies from the Turkish one. The national sport of Thessania is Buntgen, a fighting sport with similar moves to the Japanese Karate and Korean Tae-kwon-do.


The Thessani language is a conlang. It mostly uses the Latin alphabet, but it also has its own original alphabet named Xtolit. 

Xtolit alphabet.

States and Federal departments

Flag Emblem Name Admission Population Head of Country
Autonomous Countries
MalestanPrint.png Malestan COA.png Autonomous Republic of Malestan 7 December 2014 56 Mehmet Ali Görgü
YeniLefkosa1.png Timur COA.png Duchy of New Nicosia 2 January 2018 95 Yunus Emre İşseven