Grand Duchy of Schéinhafen

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The Grand Duchy of Schéinhafen
National Flag of Schéinhafen

Where dreams set sail.
Enclave of Bristol, UK
Official language(s)English
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
Area claimed~300m^2
Population3 (as of 23 June 2018)
Time zone(GMT)

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The Grand Duchy of Schéinhafen is a micronation and self declared sovereign state that is an enclave of the United Kingdom that declared independence from the UK on the 23 July 2018. Although a Grand Duchy, Schéinhafen is in reality a constitutional monarchy where the Grand Duke is a figure head, and a cat, currently Grand Duke Simon I.


The Grand Duchy Schéinhafen was founded on the 23 July 2018 following a split from the United Kingdom over differences on the direction that the ideals of the nations were taking. James Moseley, the founder, became the first citizen as well as the first prime minister of the new nation. His fiancee, Lucy Morris, also joined and became the nation's much loved first lady.


Schéinhafen translates as "Beautiful Harbour" in Luxembourgish. The name was derived from the strong Luxembourg influence on the nations creation along with the fact that the nation is based in the port city of Bristol.

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