The Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania

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Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

Motto: Etenim potestatis (in truth, power)
Anthem The NAAFP Song
Official language English
Denonym Razerkaikstanian
Capital Nylbjorn
National Animal Double Headed Eagle
Government Marxist-Leninist Communist State
Founded 25th of December 2018
Area This Wiki Page
Location Victoria, Australia
Population 1
National Sport Dig Dug
Currency Razerkaikstanian Wencel ‡
Head of State Duke Declan Coleman
First Minister Position Available

Razerkaikstania, officially the Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania, is a landless micronation based in Victoria Australia. It currently has a population of 1, that being the founder, and current Duke, Declan Coleman. It is currently known for currently being the only Communist micronation in Australia. It was founded in the early hours of Christmas Day, 2018.

Razerkaikstania is a currently considered as one of the last remaining beacons of Marxist-Leninist Communist values and views, though there is a party dedicated to Maoist views. The Marxist-Leninist Communist (a mix of Marxism and Leninism) views, is the view of totally equality in the payment of workers, and the complete dismantlement of the imperialist/capitalist societal values.

Implication of State Atheism

On the 20th of February 2019, the Duke, Declan Coleman, implicated the idea of State Atheism. That being that Religion was deemed unnecessary, violent and discriminatory. As it was shown that Religion caused a majority of the wars of the world, so it was deemed by the Duke (as he was the only citizen at the time) that State Atheism would be implied.

Denouncement of the Republic of Quebec

On the 23rd of April 2019, an aggressive attack was made on Razerkaikstania. This being the changing of the flag on the micronation's wiki page. At the time this was its only territory, and it was despised among the duke, Declan Coleman. After checking the sources of the attack, the only viable suspect was Aidan McGrath, president of the Republic of Quebec. The file of the changed flag (which can be found here ) had been linked to the microwiki account of Preisdent Aidan McGrath, and therefore, Preisdent Aidan McGrath is currently the only one to blame.

So as of the 23rd of April 2019, the Republic of Quebec has officially been denounced by the Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania. Further re-establishment of relationships between the 2 nations is possibly available in the future.

Political Parties

Party Name Ideology Colours Founded Leader Current Seats in Parliament
Workers Party Symbol.png Razerkaikstanian Workers Party Communism Red, Maroon, Gold 2019 Position Available 31/60
United Socialist Party Symbol 7.png United Socialist Party Left Sided Socialism Cyan, Light Grey, Rose 2019 Position Available 10/60
Butterfield Party Symbol 2.png Butterfield Anti-Veganism Party Anti-Veganism Black, Grey, White 2019 Isaac Butterfield 4/60
Animalist Party Symbol.png Razerkaikstanian Animalist Party Animalism Green and White 2019 Position Available 2/60
Peoples Choice Party Symbol.png People's Choice Party Democratic Blue, Black 2019 Position Available 1/60
Ra Atheisim Party Symbol.png Ra State Atheism Party State atheism Black, White 2019 Aron Ra 2/60
Maoist Party.png Razerkaikstanian Maoist Party Maoism Maroon, Black, White 2019 Position Available 2/60
NAITONALIST PARTY LOGO.png Razerkaikstanian Nationalist Party Fascism Charcoal, White 2019 Position Available 1/60
Sawist Party Symbol.png Razerkaikstanian Sawist Party Jigsaw Philosophy Red, Black, White 2019 Position Available 3/60
Jacksonian Democratic Party Symbol.png Razerkaikstanian Jacksonian Democratic Party Jacksonianism Teal 2019 Position Available 2/60
Razerkaikstanian United Peoples Party Symbol.png Razerkaikstanian United Peoples Party Right-wing politics Nationalism Orange 2019 Position Available 1/60
Technological Advancement Party Symbol.png Technological Advancement Party Progressivism Technocracy Purple 2019 Position Available 1/60


Image Value
Color Description Date of Issuance


Reverse Obverse Reverse
1 Wencel front.JPG 1 Wencel back.JPG ‡1 Grey The Duke, Declan C. Coleman, and the flags of Australia and Razerkaikstania. First Minister [POSITION AVAILABLE], and the coat of arms of Razerkaikstania 06/01/19
5 Wencel front.JPG 5 Wencel back.JPG ‡5 Blue Famous British scientist, Charles Darwin, and his famous book, The Origin of Species. Head of the Razerkaikstanian Council of Science, [POSITION AVAILABLE], and the symbol of the Razerkaikstanian Council of Science, an atom. 06/01/19
10 Wencel Front.JPG 10 Wencel Back.JPG ‡10 Red The 5 main developers of Communism, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong, with the communism symbol, the hammer and sickle. The first labeled "communist", Victor d'Hupay, and his book Projet de communauté philosophe. 06/01/19
20 Wencel Front.JPG 20 Wencel Back.JPG ‡20 Orange The chairman of the Razerkaikstanian Workers Party, [POSITION AVAILABLE], and the symbol of the Razerkaikstanian Workers Party. Mr Speaker of the Razerkaikstanian Parliament, [POSITION AVAILABLE], and the 8 major political parties of Razerkaikstania. 06/01/19
50 Wencel Front.JPG 50 Wencel Back.JPG ‡50 Yellow The Razerkaikstanian Armed Forces in training. The Razerkaikstanian Cavalry Forces in training 06/01/19
100 Wencel Front.JPG 100 Wencel Back.JPG ‡100 Green Future Astronaut and first Razerkaikstanian in space, Pipsqueak the Penguin, and the future project for the rocket that he will fly in. Head of The Razekaikstanian Nation Agency Of Space Exploration, [POSITION AVAILABLE], and the logo for the Razerkaikstanian National Agency Of Space Exploration. 06/01/19