The Grand Duchy of Foxtrott

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Flag of the Grand Duchy of Foxtrott.


The official state motto is "Leuten von Gott" (German for "People of God").


The Grand Duchy of Foxtrott was founded by Grand Duke Bryson I on February 26, 2017 through the Foxtrottian Independence Declaration. Carved out of an undisclosed location in Missouri, The GDF occupies less than two acres of land.


The official religion of the GDF is Lutheranism.

Government and Politics

The GDF is a theocratic, constitutional monarchy with a parliament. There are no term limits and the Grand Duke can appoint parliament members and other government officials. If the Grand Duke were to die, the throne shall go to whoever he left it to in his will.

Government Agencies

Department of Treasury: Established through the Emergency Currency Decree, the Department of Treasury handles the Foxtrott National Bank, prints paper banknotes, strikes coins, and removes money from circulation.

Department of Defense: Established on October 22, 2017, the Department of Defense protects the GDF and her citizens on both domestic and foreign soil. The DoD is composed of two branches: the Foxtrottian Army and the Foxtrottian Air Force.

Military and War

As of October 22, 2017, the GDF has not been involved in any war (it has had a few skirmishes with barbarians and bandits, however).

Army: The Foxtrottian Army consists of 0 active duty soldiers and 1 reserve. It is headed by the Grand Duke, who assumes the title Grand Commander. Equipment-wise, the Army has a fleet of two medium bi-class personnel carriers (bicycles) and one light personnel carrier (scooter).

Army Patch.png

Patch of the Foxtrottian Army.

Air Force: The Foxtrottian Air Force, like the Army, consists of 0 active duty airmen and 1 reserve and is headed by Commander David the Wise. Regarding equipment, the Air Force has a fleet of one micro class Cheerson CX-10 quadcopter. This aircraft suffered a devastating crash on March 18, 2017, resulting in a damaged rear-right motor. The aircraft is currently being repaired by the Air Force and is expected to be operational by 2018.


Roundel of the Foxtrottian Air Force.

"Era of Hard Times"

On February 27, 2017, Grand Duke Bryson I issued the Emergency Currency Decree on behalf of the Department of Treasury as there wasn't any currency in circulation. Through the decree, a temporary currency was put in place until coin dies were made.