The Glorious Revolution (Uskor)

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Glorious Revolution
DateJune 2017 - August 2017

Activist victory

  • Overthrow of Communist regime
  • Re-establishment of the monarchy
  • Revival of culture
Zealandian Second Alternate Government Flag.png League of Communists Flag of Uskor.png Democracy Activists
Commanders and leaders
Zealandian Second Alternate Government Flag.png Communists Flag of Uskor.png Charlotte Katrinsdottir
Unknown Unknown

The Glorious Revolution (Norwegian: Den ærerike revolusjon) was a revolution and Coup d'état in Uskor. The conflict took place between June and August of 2017 following months of discontent with the direction of Uskor and the towards the Communist regime, which culminated in the declaration of a provisional government and the holding of an Great Thing.

Context and Frustrations of the Public

Following from the April celebrations of the Red April Revolution widespread disillusionment with the communist government and processes started in earnest.
Sparked by a lost vote by Charlotte Katrinsdottir in the State Council which attempted reforms and liberalisation, Katrinsdottir joined forces with the populace in demanding liberalisation and reforms.
Katrinsdottir was immediately expelled from the League of Communists and faced removal proceedings against her Chairmanship of the State Council.

Declaration of provisional government and fall of Tyrshavn

On June 9 2017, Katrinsdottir, who had been removed from office by the Communist regime along with Runa Calabresi-Halvorsen issued publicly a statement called “The Uskorian Republic; A Proclaimation”, the statement which called for support of the provisional government and republic reverberated around Uskor and led to protests and the fall of Tyrshavn to the non-communist forces of Katrinsdottir.

Great Thing Session

On August 27, the Uskorian people gathered in Tyrshavn for a Great Thing, or Great Assembly to decide as a people the political future of Uskor.
The people in the Great Thing voted for liberalisation, a multi-party democratic state with a Prime Minister and High Queen.
Much to her shock and hesitancy, Katrinsdottir was elected High Queen of Uskor and Jarl of Ny-Troms.
On August 29 the League of Communist acknowledged that it had lost to the revolutionaries, at the same time the Declaration of Tyrshavn was issued proclaiming Katrinsdottir as High Queen and the Commonwealth of Uskor as a democratic state.

Political aftermath

Following the Tyrshavn Declaration, the new Commonwealth established a democratic socialist monarchist constitution, which included a multiparty democratic system and allowed for human rights.
Runa Calabresi-Halvorsen was elected as Prime Minister.
The Uskorian League of Communists eventually dissolved in January of 2018.

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