The Glonnalaichan Jarlstadt

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The Glonnalaichan Jarlstadt
Glonnalaichan flag.pngSeal of Glonnalaich.png

Do na Déithe, Don Rí, Do Glonnalaich
God Save the South
The East Coast of the US State of Virginia
Capital cityWilliamsburg
Largest cityWilliamsburg
Official religion(s)Non-Denominational Christianty (Official) Predominantly Catholicism and Orthodoxy.
Short nameGlonnalaich
GovernmentUnitary Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
- Jarl of GlonnalaichKing Christian I of Clan Buchanan
- ChancellorChancelor Casey Toller
LegislatureHouse of Lords
Area claimedThe Jamestown High School Area of James City County
Population12 official citizens however it claims about 200 It claims the population of students and teachers at JHS as citizens.
CurrencyThe Glonalaichan Nordyn
Time zone(UTC)
National sportHEMA (Historical European Martial Arts)
National animalThe Wolf

The Glonnaliachan Jarlstadt, commonly known by its short name Glonnalaich, is a micronation which was formed in the US State of Virginia in the United States. It was formed upon 12 August 2018 with the Glonnalaichan Proclamation. The territory of Glonnalaich is on the east coast of Virginia in the territory of the Williamsburg Area.


The name Glonnalaich came from the combination of the words Glonna (thick piled snow) and Laiche (Tumbling) which was used a remnant of the first claimed territory of the current house of Glonnalaich back in the 2000's near Ashville.


The Kingdom of Glonnalaich was declared on the Twelfth of August in 2018 with the Glonnalaich declaration. It adopted the House of Lords January 1, 2019 after the population officially grew to twelve.

Government and politics

The Kingdom of Glonnalaich is a Unitary Semi- Constitutional Monarchy with an hereditary Legislative branch. It is currently unrecognized by the rest of the micronational community along with the international community. It's currently led by King ChristianI of Clan Buchanan with Chancellor Casey Toller as head of government.

Law and order

The Kingdom of Glonnalaich constrains itself within US and Virginia law but there is a law upon faith that conflicts with the 1st Amendment stating that the only faith allowed is Christianity.

Foreign relations

The Kingdom of Glonnalaich has only recently entered the international scene but it's primarily affiliated as an unofficial protectorate of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Kingdom of Glonnalaich currently has no military but it has plans to set up a basic defense force for the people in its region.

Geography and climate


The Kingdom of Glonnalaich is an LDC and is currently dependent on the USA for goods and services. It's main currency is the Nordyn which is worth 20 American cents or one tube of cinnamon roll dough. It's main resources are workers and arbor which it sells to pay for the nation's funding.


The Kingdom of Glonnalaich is a heavily Southern nation, many of it's traditions come from the Anglo-British culture of Virginia along with the traditions of the Irish and German peoples. Major holidays are Christmas, Passover, Easter, Independence Day, King Christian's day, and the fourth of July.


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