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The Glastieven is an online micronational newspaper, written and managed by Will Campbell. In its present form, it has existed since May 2019, but traces its history back to March 2017 when it was founded as the national newspaper of the Republic of Glastieve, which ceased to exist in January 2019.


The Glastieven was first printed as a national newspaper of the First Republic of Glastieve in March 2017 to allow Will Campbell to report on the Spingate controversy. It was revived a month later as an online publication in April following the resignation of John Matthews, and was briefly active until mid-May. The Glastieven became active again during the Partisan Period and the events surrounding the Matthewsgate controversy, and continued to publish regular news stories until the demise of the First Republic in November. It was revived in 2019 when the Second Republic of Glastieve was declared and on two occasions was again circulated as a print publication, but was eventually split into The Custodian and the Acteriendia Evening Standard, both of which died along with the Second Republic in January 2019.

Campbell revived the newspaper a few months later in May as a publication centered on micronationalism as a whole. As he is not a citizen of any micronation, the publication has since May been based in the United Kingdom, and publishes articles on the MicroWiki news feed under the U.K. flag.