The Gartius League

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Gartius League
Formation7 April 2021
TypeDiplomatic alliance
Membership14 Total Member Nations
Official languagesEnglish
ChairmanKing Mo the I
Deputy ChairmanEben Berkvens
Key peopleKevin Doan

The Gartius League is a diplomatic alliance, that was created by King Mo I to make micronations have diplomacy and help other micronations with aid and information, to benefit micronations that are in trouble. It was established on 7th April 2021 to promote diplomatic strength between micronations, and many micronations would join the Gartius League to promote and support it. It's current Chairman is King Mo the I, while the Deputy chairman is Eben Berkvens.



Ending war with U.C.C.S

Their leader promoted suicide and self harming, all The Gartius League Members wanted to kick him out of the organization, so the members did with a unanimous vote.