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The Free Territory was a break away region, that seperated from the Republic of Pazistan on November 20, 2018 and existed until it's reunification with Pazistan. The region broke away as a result of a coup in the republic. The nation operated on Anarcho-Syndicalist and Collectivist ideals, and was policed by the Revolutionary Front, or simply Rev Front, which was the former military wing of the Pazistani Ultra Communist Party.

The Free Territory
Coat of arms
Motto: "All Power to the Workers!"
Anthem: Mother Anarchy Loves Her Sons, by Nestor Makhno
Cardiff, Wales
CapitalDomino's Mountain
Largest cityScaffold City
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh
GovernmentCollectivist Anarchy
LegislatureThe Free Council
• (no accurate censuses) census
CurrencyMoney Abolished
Time zoneGMT/BST


The name takes inspiration from the Free Territory that was formed during the Russian Civil War.


For many years, Pazistan had numerous incidents involving anarchists, like the 'Pizza Incident" where numerous Anarchists rebelled against the monarchy, in order to obtain the right to buy Domino's Pizza, as it was banned at the time, a riot formed and numerous members of the army were injured, and an unknown number of Anarchists were injured also. Another incident was the killing of J. Dog, J. Dog was known by the anarchists to be a fascist sympathizer, so the anarchists organized to have him blown up, and his stuffing was strewn up on a nearby tree. The nation also experienced many general strikes organised by Anarchists. Eventually the Anarchist movement died down and many Anarchists went on to join the Ultra-Communist Party, and incorporated their Anarchist ideals into many of the parties policies. After the collapse of the Pazistani Government, many of these Anarchists seized the opportunity, and Subcomandante Cian and Comrade Betsan, former leaders of the Ultra-Communist Party decided to form the Free Revolutionary Council of Decision Making (FRCDM). Eventually many former communists and members of other parties joined the FRCDM, the last members were Comrade Owen, Subcomandante Cian, Comrade Betsan, Commander Enfys, Commander GEJ., and Comrade Tirion.

Government and politics

Laws in the Free Territory were decided by direct democracy and the judgement of the FRCDM, members of the FRCDM were eligible to be voted out of the council by other members and the population. The FRCDM meeted every weekday at approximately 1:10pm, and the meeting was usually done by 2:00. Many witnesses of these meetings have described them as civilized and mature, and claim that the meetings are usually very productive, but the council may occasionally stray off topic.

Relations with Pazistan

The FRCDM has condemned the nation of Pazistan numerous times in the past, a notable example of this is when Subcomandante Cian was quoted to calling Pazistan a "statist dumpster fire", both nations have conflicting ideals, but both have shown interest in re-unification in the past. The nations have never been in a direct military conflict, but there have been numerous occasions of members of the Rev Front raiding Pazistani cities close to the border, but these usually don't end in casualties, and gunfire is very rarely exchanged. Both nations have entered trade deals, due to the fact that neither can trade outside of Wales, due to the fact that they are landlocked nations.

Both nations had expressed interest in re-unification, but Pazistan has claimed they seek to avoid military conflict at all costs, while The Free Territory has expressed interest in seizing resource rich areas such as Conistan with military action in the past.

Law and order

The law was maintained by members of the Rev Front's policing wing. The Free Territory didn't have many punishable crimes, so the Rev Front's policing wing usually dealt with petty disputes and community service. Fascism was strictly forbidden in the Free Territory, and Fascists caught wearing or holding any symbols that could be attributed to Fascism or any Fascist propaganda were often sentenced by a people's court to community service and re-education. The Free Territory put a big emphasis on Rehabilitative Justice, and focused their punishments on community service and re-education, but it wasn't unheard of for people caught committing particularly serious crimes to be sentenced to prison time.

Geography and climate

The nation is close to the River Taff, and is very flat other than a few small hills and ditches. The nation experiences floods during storms in the summer, but as a result the land is incredibly fertile, and is a haven for species such as the Pazistani Brown Squirrel, Dazakhstani Furry Hare and the Cianistani Wriggly Worm. It rains often in the Free Territory and is very cold during the winter.


The economy was virtually non-existent due to it's abolition of money, but it did occasionally trade with The United Kingdom of Pazistan and Dazakhstan, but the nation was landlocked and has no major ports or airports, so trade was very limited. The nation often exported dirt and Wriggly Worms to the United Kingdom of Pazistan and Dazakhstan in exchange for building materials, such as large sticks and leaves.


On the 20th of November, culture was officially deemed as a bourgeois concept and was completely abandoned, but the nation had adopted a few Welsh customs, due to the Welsh heritage of all of the citizens. The nation adopted Welsh as one of it's official languages, due to it's location and all citizens are fluent in the language. The Free Territory was officially Atheist, but people within the nation were free to practice any religion as long as it doesn't interfere with other's lives.

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