Flammancian Socialist Party

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The Flammancian Socialist Party
LeaderBenjamin Felix
Headquarters(Temporary) Brisbane, Australia
Membership  (2015)1
Social Democracy
Political positionLeft-wing
Official colorsRed and White

The Flammancian Socialist Party was founded in the aftermath of the 2015 Flammancian Elections. It was founded by former Chancellor of Flammancia Benjamin Felix following his resignation and subsequent re-election onto the Flammancian Assembly. As a Socialist party in Flammancia, they do not have any strong ties to any of the other parties in Flammancia, but have a distinct ideological difference with the Flammancian Liberal Party.

The Socialist Party of Flammancia is slightly libertarian, but strongly left-wing, and are proponents of left-wing politics in Flammancia. Though they are named the Flammancian Socialist Party, their policies are partially Socialist and partially Social Democratic.


The Flammancian Socialist Party campaigns mainly for increased welfare spending and the environment, finding some similar ground with The Purple Party. As well as this, it supports issues of a progressive nature, such as LGBT rights, as well as economic reforms to allow for the protection of the environment and human interest. They pursue a pacifist foreign policy,


After serving nearly two terms in his office as Chancellor of Flammancia, Benjamin Felix chose to resign, leaving the position to the then-leader of the Flammancian Liberal Party, David Ross. After this, though still being registered for elections, Felix became less active in Flammancian politics, choosing to offer only transitional advice to some members of the legislature. Felix had become disheartened by the ratio of inactive to active citizens. He chose a point near the end of his term to resign in order to make necessary arrangements for an election.

Since Felix was still technically on the electoral register, as an independent politician, and without his knowledge, he managed to gain enough seats in the Flammancian legislature to gain a seat in the upper house. Receiving this news, Felix vowed to become more active and take his position more seriously.


The party was founded on 14 May 2015 after the 2015 Flammancian Elections.

Electoral representation

The Flammancian Socialist Party holds one seat in the Flammancian upper house.