Federation of Westland

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Not to be confused with Republic of Westland.
The Federation of Westland

Extollentiam North (Pride of the North)
Last men Standing
Bering sea

St. laurence island, Nunivak island, St. paul island, St. George island, St. Matthew island,

(and multiple minor islets and rocks)
Capital cityLandstadt
Largest cityLandstadt
Official language(s)Russian


Official religion(s)Secular government
GovernmentCarved Federation
- PresidentCarver
Population2134, planned by 2030: 100,000 - 2,000,000
CurrencyWestlandic Dollars (simular in value to american dollars)
Time zoneUTC-10
National dishKing Crab (is one of the most commons household meals since it is caught in the area)

 the Federation of Westland is an unrecognised nation claiming multiple islands in the bering sea with its current claims and population it would be one of the least populated countries in the world, plans for future massive colonisation are being put together. Westland is located just on the east side of the international date line making it very far west and one of the western most countries, which also means its right between the US and Russia


Westland has had a very short history only appearing in 2009, it had searched many different posible locations before the government and people agreed on the islands

the islands it claims have had a long history with the aleut, who have been here for hundreds of years


The 5 Main islands claimed are in positions that if connected would look like a diamond, giving westland one of its nicknames "the diamond" 


St. laurence island/North island,

Nunivak island/east island,

St. paul island and saint george/south islands,

St. Matthew island/west island,

(and multiple minor islets and rocks)

the islands get strong winds so trees only grow in valleys and in the shadows of mountains, the islands are almost all volcanic

in the winter the island is snow covered and extremely cold

Flora and Fauna

trees only grow in valleys and in other places where the wind is blocked

Caribou, Snow foxes and other animals are common seals rest on rocks snd beaches and crab and many species of fish live in the waters around the islands

grass and plants grow and rocks provide good places for lichen and fungi


the Weather is generally cold and warm in the summer there is an almost constant overcast and it is windy


the Nation is run by a simple unique government system called a Carved Federation it includes a

The President - (Life term or until job passed on) the presidents job is to have ideas which get passed to the council who votes on them

The council - (member term 3 months) 30 people vote on presidents ideas

The people - elect Council members

International Affliation

The Federation of Westland is an MAA member and the location of the Assembly of Aerodynamics Headquarters


the military is very important within the Federation of Westland the Official weapon is the AK-74u for its portability and Durability. it is made up of these three branches and sub-groups


sailors fancy dress uniforms wear blue and white uniforms with a traditional sailors hat and the BDU's are standard american woodland uniforms

Naval Infantry

marines wear ukrainian "Bytan " camoflauge clothing, gear is held by special suspenders and they wear more modern kevlar helmets (pictured below) and officers wear maroon berets (also pictured below) they carry ak-74u's and special units carry marksman rifles, CQB weapons and others.


the airforce wear simple navy blue uniforms

space program

is part of the airforce and the team that designed and created CASCADE


soldiers from the army wear Bytan camoflauge and carry m16's and ak-74's they most of the same gear as marines        



The Federation of Westland uses currency simular in value to american dollars, it is made of thin lightly bleached blue denim which is sent through a printer that prints on the im

ages and text on the denim with black ink, it is later stamped with the official red dye seal


The islands rely mostly on fishing and oil for economy

top exports:

oil, king crab, tuna, salmon, halibut, cod, meat (cows, chickens, goats), milk (cheese, butter)


the islands import mostly

Building materials, wood, meat, essentials ect.