Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba

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Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba
Motto: Oglu morekag. Oglu gasken. Morta ajmen fable. Ajmen azk (Sbebanese: They say we are weak. They say we are feeble. But we are strong. We are united)
Anthem: Let the people of our land sing
File:Colombo, Sri Lanka
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Sbebanese
GovernmentSocialist, federal, constitutional monarchy
• King
King Zafar
• (as of 2021 census) census
Time zone(IST)
This nation is a member of the Abnahr Union

The Federal Socialist Republic of Sbeba, more commonly known as Sbeba, is a micronation located in the environs of Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo. It was formed by Comrade Basheer, on January 21, 2020. However, word of the micronation went public by November 18, 2021, after the opening of its Discord server. Since then, the population count has increased to nearly 20. Sbeba strives to remain a neutral micronation during times of strife and rebellion amongst the community and strives to be a hub where like-minded people can communicate, and take part in the democracy.

Sbeba is a federal, socialist, constitutional monarchy - with the head of state, being the King, King Zafar V, and the head of government (being democratically elected) President Untitled. The executive body lies within the hands of the President, the Deputy President and the Cabinet. The legislative body lies within the hands of the Kongrez, and the Administrative Council. Whilst the judicial body lies within the hands of the Supreme Court and the Honor Council.

Maintaining its creed, and its virtue - Sbeba is a very open micronation towards other micros seeking to establish bilateral relationships. However, Sbeba remains strict towards no interaction with dictatorial, right-wing, extremist micronations, and micronations that advocate or have various right-wing ideologies. At the time of writing, Sbeba has made up official alliances with micronations like the Kingdom of Blazdonia, the Federation of Moaca, the Democratic Republic of Mengtania, and many more. It is also one of the founding members, of the prestigious Abnahr Union.


The name "Sbeba" is derived from the name of a kingdom, Sheba, that is mentioned in various places across the three Abrahamic religions, and was located somewhere around Sudan, or Southern Arabia. Sbeba was coined by young Comrade Basheer somewhere in late 2015, and early 2016 - as a corruption of the word, Sheba. Eventually, it caught up and stuck with the proposed micronation Comrade Basheer, planned to establish in the coming years. Second options to the name Sbeba, included Arbukzavid, and Jeamong.


Originally, Sbeba was intended to be a fantasy state - located in the Atlantic Ocean. In 2015, the first plans of Sbeba were mentioned in some written books, by Comrade Basheer. Eventually, these books contained maps, and facts about various aspects of Sbeba - including a vast history that stretched back to the emergence of humankind, and various facts that mentioned the broad political spectrum in the nation. This progressed over the course of the next 5 years, tons of facts and information about the fantasy state, amassed in piles and piles of books. In early 2020, due to the breakout of the Covid-19 pandemic, Comrade Basheer was forced to look back upon the vast dump of books - and due to the immense amount of time in his hands, decided to make a realistic version of the nation of Sbeba.

And on January 21, the micronation of Sbeba was declared - in a large house, located in Western Sri Lanka, in the capital city. It was the cliché, bedroom state - with the satirical rules, and so on. But that urge, to create something is more realistic, and something that for, lack of a better word, is more practical - Comrade Basheer intended to reshape Sbeba, and turn it into an actual micronation. This took time. Over the course of much of mid-2020, plans for a government, and a constitution were made - all in good time, when Comrade Basheer realized that there was a whole new community of like-minded people over the internet. Due to personal circumstances, the project, which he dubbed - "Project Sbeba", was put on indefinite hold, until early October 2021.

Determining that running a micronation from his bedroom, was not realistic, or "definition of a purpose of making a micronation in the first place", Comrade Basheer decided to annex some of the land in his vicinity. Vacant plots that belonged to his name, and some other plots of land tied to him were all annexed under the Sbeban flag. (Which underwent many, major iterations - starting all the way from 2016, to the final one now) As most other micronations do, Comrade Basheer decided to go online - and establish Sbeba, partially over the internet. On November 18, 2021, his Discord server was officially opened to the public - and so began the modern era in which we are today. Ever since then, Sbeba has grown into vastly - beyond the imaginations of Comrade Basheer. Various media were made, maps, flags and so much more were fabricated for the nation, specifically because it went online.

Influenced by Comrade Basheer's moderate left sentiment, Sbeba was originally destined to be a paradise, a haven of peace and prosperity. However, as Comrade Basheer later realized - that it was completely unrealistic to have such a case. So he began to diversify, and dwell deeper into Sbeba's story, and origins. Here is an excerpt, from an interview done with him by a fellow friend.

"Sbeba was meant to be a peaceful, perfect place where nothing could go wrong. Everyone was rich, and poverty was non-existent. Man, that naivety forced me to open my eyes and see the truths of the world. Paradises are just mere dreams nations strive for. In order to reach paradise, you start with scraps - not from the top. Even if the world in within your control, you start from the bottom because it is right, and not because you want to fulfil that dream of paradise. That is a cheated paradise, not real proper, haven..."

To paraphrase from this particular interview, Comrade Basheer has always been fascinated by the left, and Marxist theories and doctrines (However, he does disagree with them, he says), that the idea of a left state never wandered off his mind. Sbeba was destined to be a socialist or at least a left-wing state. Eventually, as he grew older - his political standings became more and more narrow - more detailed, as he said. Soon, he realized he was nothing but a social democrat.