The Federal Republic of Gradeni

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The Federal Republic of Gradeni is a micronation which split off from the (UPRZ) The People's Republic of Zyechia. Their capital is Tzeyiki, or the old military base of Zyechia. The president of Gradeni is Allen Avelino. The currency of Gradeni is the Gradesh, which is 1 would be equivalent to $1.20. Gradenian citizens would most likely live in Tzeyiki or Chenyova. Tzeyiki is an urban city near the border with Zyechia. Chenyova is more east and more suburban.


The military of Gradeni is split into 3 parts. Crusaders, Peacekeepers, and Defense. Crusaders would get land that was not taken from Zyechia. Peacekeepers would save and liberate towns from uprising groups. Defense would defend the country from any potential attacks.


Gradeni has 2 allies, Zyechia and Robonation.


Farvodi, is a type of orange juice slushie with sugar in it. Gradenian citizens prefer eating it with strawberry jam and toast. Pashov, is a type of food which ham is cooked with melted cheese on top. Gradenian citizens prefer eating it with toast and jam.


The president, of course, has the highest position. The Prime Minister is Alden. The Commander of The Military Defense System (MDS) is Kyle.


Gradeni has a hockey team called Tzeyiki Maple Leafs (not o knock of of the Toronto team)