The Farmlands

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The Farmlands
—  Province  —

Motto: Iin Gjiifvfod ad omnmanes (Share food to all)
Country Royal Empire of Copan
Region Outer Copan
Fejlond Late Third Era
Founder Emperor Deshaki I
Administrative Division Fejlond
 - Arch-Fey Mintas Iirin
Area code(s) FLD

Fejlond is a Province level administrative division that borders Lower Copan, and Lower Wodanlond. Fejlond has existed since the late third era when Emperor Deshaki I created a standing in the previously, mostly unihabitted region.


Historically Fejlond has been an open arrible plain mostly unihabited by the Orontonian tribes of the inner copan region. However with the formation of the Kingdom of Copan in the seccond era, and a growing population, Copan would need to secure a source of food and the King of Copan set his eyes upon Fejlond, a vision that would not be carried out untill the late third era when Emperor Deshaki was in charge.

Classification & Government

Fejlond is an administrative division of Copan that holds 8 seats in the national council, 4 of which are Unions. Fejlond is split into two Municipalities: Fejsted, and Plandaræn.