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The Erephisia Cast
Genre Comedy
Type Podcast
Created by Billy Neil, Kuri Kabanov
Written by Billy Neil, Kuri Kabanov, Samuel Azehtyla
Starring Billy, Kuri Kabanov, Samuel Azehtyla, Various
Theme music composer André Sammut
Country of origin Technological Federation of Erephisia
Language English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 36
Executive Producers(s) Billy Neil, Kuri Kabanov
Running time 60–120 minutes
Production company ECRAB
Original channel ECRAB
Original run September 2012 - October 2013

The Erephisia Cast was a podcast created by and starring Billy Neil, Kuri Kabanov and, most recently Samuel Azehtyla.


The Erephisia Cast was originally thought up around May 2012 as a radio show with Billy Neil as the host and Kuri Kabanov as the first special guest, with different guests with each show and Kabanov only as a guest in oppose to a co-host. However, on the day that the first show was to be recorded, Kabanov suffered severe technical difficulty, and the recording couldn't go ahead. The project was put aside until the September of 2012, when 1. Pilot was recorded. Originally, Neil had intended to record a podcast with Alex Bennett. The podcast had one episode recorded, named 1. Atari 2600, but didn't develop beyond this. Said episode is now lost. Due to internet porblems on Neil's part, production of the Erephisia Cast had to be halted until April 2013 after 2. Wikia, making this the longest gap between episodes. Because of this, all episodes after 3 and until the first episode of 2014 are considered as being different "series", with each year henceforth being a new series. I.e., 2014 being Series 3, 2015 being Series 4 and so on. Series number will have no effect on the production of the Erephisia Cast, with changes to the series being based primarily on other stimuli.


After Series 1, the Erephisia Cast was allotted to a set date, being recorded on a Friday and released on a Saturday. Due to internet complications, the first episode of Series 2 wasn't recorded until April 2013. Other set rules for the podcast include having special guests every other episode (with a maximum of 2 special guests per episode to avoid the potential of guests talking over each other), with single word (and in some cases, monosyllabic) names, and being no longer than 2 hours, but no shorter than an hour. Also, 2 features appear in the episodes, "Makarov Says", wherein Kabanov impersonates Vladimir Makarov (a character from the video games Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and 3) and "Wikiatrocity", wherein all guests trawl all different micronational wikis for ridiculous, bad and laughable articles to point out. It has been observed repeatedly by Neil that any content considered offensive is in fact a joke, and should not be taken seriously. There are plans to create a Let's Play series hosted by the same hosts as and concurrent with the Erephisia Cast.


The Erephisia Cast is met with mixed reception throughout the micronational communities. Some episodes are met with particular disdain from members of the MicroWikia community as they feel that it makes them look worse than they are. The episode 2. Wikia was a particular example of this, being widely panned by MicroWikians who felt greatly victimized by the hosts and guests for their depiction of the way they act.


  • The Erephisa Cast gained a third Permanent Member, Samuel Azehtyla on May 25 of 2013.
  • Samuel Azehtyla did not sleep for 37H:43M:21S before the recording of E10, his first episode as a Permanent Member.
  • Episode 8's original theme was "indie games," but that it was deleted and re-recorded due to the malfunction of new recording software, a similar event occured with the original version of 13. Trial, which was originally going to star Andre Sammut, the shows composer.
  • Beyond the introductory theme, a few songs by Andre Sammut including "Inpt", Sammut's remix of Autechre's "Outpt" and "Velliety" have appeared in the casts, as intermissionary music.
  • Episodes 14. Radio and 15. Title didn't include Kabanov due to Kabanov being on holiday, in episode 14 he was replaced by Ciprian of Juclandia as co-host and in episode 15 Pierre D'Egtavie and Jacob Tierney (both making their second appearance on the show) shared the role somewhat, with Sebastian Linden taking the role of special guest.
  • The show follows a strict set of rules during production, said rules including haviing special guests every other episode, said episode being recorded at 9PM on a Friday and being uploaded on a Saturday, and each episode being longer than an hour and shorter than two hours. Some of the rules have been slackened somewhat in more recent episodes, however the length per episode will indefinitely remain between an hour and two hours. All episodes have since been lost.

Special Guests