The Empire of Yitussia

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Yitussia Empire
Yitussia flag.png

"God Save Our Glorious Land!"
United States
Capital cityNovaya Moskva
Largest cityNikolenkagrad
Official language(s)English, German, Russian
Official religion(s)Any
Short nameYitussia
- TsarNicholas II
Area claimedkm²
National sportGolf
National animalAmerican Turkey
Patron saintSt. Peter

The Empire of Yitussia

Yitussia was founded on September 17, 2018, and claims two territories in the United States: The province of Capitalia, 63 miles south of the Canadian border, and Saratovskii, 69 miles from Omaha, Nebraska, USA. These are the two provinces of Yitussia, Capitalia holding the nations capitol of Novaya Moskva. Yitussia was founded on Communist, Capitalist, and Imperialist ideologies. Yitussia is also a constitutional monarchy, ruled by Nicholas II#7771. Actual name not given for security reasons. The country has an ideology of Combinism. The Big Three in one big package! Communism, Capitalism, and Imperialism in one! Hence, Combinism.

Flag and meaning

The flag of Yittussia os similar to that of the flag of the old Russian Empire. File:Yittusian Flag(1).jpg The black stands for earth, yellow for the sun, and white for freedom.


The country's hierarchy goes as follows:











People's and Junior Commissars

Tsar: The God-blessed ruler of Yitussia. Current: Nicholas II

Tsarevich: Heir apparent to the throne. Current: N/A

Archduke: Second-in-Command to the Tsar. Current: Kleinmann Kümmel

General Secretary: Responsible for overseeing the Royal Senate and Administrative Cabinet. Current: STIHLX10

Royal Senate: Responsible for all parliamentary procedures and the passing of laws.

People's Duma: An assembly of citizens who may present new laws to the Royal Senate.

Administrative Cabinet: Charged with the task of watching over immigrant entry, The National Defense Council (NDC), The Land Management Bureau (LMB), and the Bureau of Labor and Production (BLP).

People's and Junior Commissars: Assigned to each province and in charge of overviewing production and businesses, and send regular reports to the Administrative Cabinet, who forward these reports to the Tsar.

Micronational standing

Yitussia is currently in the developing stage, although we are extending our hand to anyone wishing to form an alliance with us!


The terrain of Capitalia is flat and grassy, with few trees. It covers an area slightly larger than an American football field. Most of this territory is fenced off. The terrain of Saratovskii, however, is much different. Rolling hills, many trees, and very grassy.


Both provinces have an abundance of the American Robin (Turdus migratorius). Capitalia, however, has Many Common Grackles (Quiscalus quiscula). There is also the occasional Mourning Dove (Zenaida macroura), and the rare Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (Archilochus colubris).

Saratovskii, meanwhile, has Many Red Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis), the occasional Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus), the handful of Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) that drop by now and then, Raccoon (Procyon lotor), and Possum (Didelphimorphia).