Empire of Coldaynia

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The Empire of Coldaynia more commonly known as Coldaynia, is a leftist socialist monarchy micronation based in Brisbane, Australia, formed in December of 2020. They are allies with the Republic Of Qupol and New Melanesia, and are also a member of the Progressive Association. The nation is currently being ruled by Emperor Lucy the Ist, and is planning to switch to democracy once they meet the right conditions for elections to be held.

Empire of Coldaynia
The Empire of Coldaynia Flag.png

Official language(s)English
Short nameColdaynia
GovernmentSocialist Monarchy
- EmperorLucy Ist
- Acting RulerJayden Dagsa
Population11 as of 25/02/21
National sportBasketball, Archery
National animalCat, Snake

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