The Eastern Dens

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The Eastern Dens were mysterious dens that existed in the east of Crediton in the Den World. They were the first semi civilized dens to emerge, after dens themselves were emerging from the Long Plantation in the north. The Eastern Dens existed between 1995 and 2005, and as they declined, they helped spawn Western den civilization.


After dens began to catch on in the social mainstream in Crediton, they began to proliferate in the middle class areas of western Crediton. The Eastern Dens had mastered a basic method of warfare, which was about stealing resources from other dens. There were three main regions of den states which were the Plantation, the Eastern Dens and the Barnfield dens. The oldest of these groups was the Plantation dens, from which the Eastern Dens originated.

The dens of the East were well established by 1998, and they had begun to advance their unfluence south into Barnfield. The "Eastern" style of den was that of a small amoutn of resources lumped into a den space, and with basic leadership and military functions.