The Dragon of Alaurentia

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A car owner showing support for the Dragon of Alaurentia.

The Dragon of Alaurentia is a political figure whose real name is unknown. This anonymity claims to aid Alaurentia as a community and in enforcing some of its goals.

The Dragon's identity

It can be deducted, from messages posted publicly, that:

- The Dragon is a male figure (referred to as "he");
- The Dragon has worked on a key aspect of an old micronation;
- The Dragon is somewhat fluent in at least one other language (French).

The Dragon has never posted a picture of himself, nor did he even speak. The only thing known about him comes from his public messages. Otherwise he is a relatively silent figure.


The Dragon currently presides over the model nation of Alaurentia.

Public Messages

On the social network, the Dragon has denied being a "politician". Instead, he claimed to be from the streets, having grown up in poverty. In a post in French, now removed, he wrote, "I am your neighbor; I know of your struggles, and of your dreams." (translated). He said that he was hardly interested in approval, seeking simply to work for a better world regardless of local support.

The Dragon has recently expressed investing some efforts in researching the concept of immortality. The exact method he is investigating, however, is unclear. According to him, Nature has already given rise to several species of plants and animals that can be considered "immortal", and therefore he is taking inspiration from them.