Democratically Elected Principality of Heland

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The Democratically Elected Principality of Heland
HelandFlag.png FlagPrincipleSealOfHeland.png Principle Seal

Ergo Sum Heland! (Latin "I am Heland!")
CFCF- Cell Site in Somerset
Capital cityLarkhill
Largest cityLarkhill
Official language(s)English
Short nameHeland
GovernmentDemocratic Principalilty
- D.E. Prince or PrincessPrince D.E. Stiys Thompson Flien
- Number of seats - 15
Established14 Februry 2018
Time zoneUTC+25
National sportCycling
National animalPolar Bear

The Democratically Elected Principality of Heland, commonly referred to as Heland, is a sovereign principality with a constitutional, democratically elected monarchy, most often characterised as a micronation. It is ruled by Prince D.E. Stiys Thompson Flien, who assumed the role of Prince after creating the Principality, and declaring it independent.


The Democratically Elected Principality of Heland, which is colloquially referred to as Heland, was declared independent on the 14th February 2018, by Prince D.E. Stiys Thompson Flien. Prince D.E. Stiys assumed the role of Price after the declaration of independence, as there was no other eligible candidate.


Aside from Larkhill, no fixed territory is attributed to Heland. However, according to the 1st Constitution of Heland, a Floating Territorial Zone of 10m² in every direction is established around each citizen of Heland when outside of Larkhill. As such, Heland exists to some degree wherever her citizens might find themselves.

Government and Poltics

There is only one body with Governing Political power in Heland, which is the Royal Family of Flien, of which the Prince or Princess is elected to every 4 years. All governing decisions are first suggested by the current Prince or Princess, and is then decided upon by means of a public ballot in favour or against the proposed decision. If the ballot is in favour of the decision, it will be carried out.

There are currently plans to amend the 1st Constitution of Heland to include a parliament.

Law and order

The only judicial body in Heland is The Royal Court of Heland, which is an independant court backed by the Royal Family of Flien.

Foreign relations

At present, Heland has no relations, conflicts or ties to any other micronation.


Heland does not have a military, as it would go against the 1st Constitution of Heland.