Democratic Union of Shlish

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Democratic Union of Shlish
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Central United States
Capital cityWakerston
Largest cityWakerston, District 1
Official language(s)English, British-English
Official religion(s)None/ Freedom of Religion
Short nameDUS
GovernmentDirect Democracy
- PresidentMelina Belt
- Prime MinisterSelena Packer
- Type - N/A
Established10 May 2015
Area claimedVirtual
Population10 physical, see virtual world status
CurrencyUnited States Dollars
Time zoneCentral Time: U.S.A and Canada 5:00
National drinkPepsi
National animalAmerican Horse
Patron saintN/A
This Nation is a member of the UGO.

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DUS, officially the Democratic Union of Shlish is a virtual micronation which exists in the game simcountry. The Democratic Union of Shlish is stated to exist on the fictional planet Smabatania 1. St.Charlie is a member state of the United Guard Organization. Originally established as a Direct democracy in 2015. Melina Belt is the founder of the Democratic Union of Shlish.

Democratic Union of Shlish is a cybernationally-developed country and has a stable economy. Democratic Union of Shlish is one of the founding members of the United Guard Organization and a full member. The organisation of its national legislature makes Democratic Union of Shlish one of the most democratic cyber-nations in the community.


DISCLAIMER: Most of these numbers are based on the virtual world in the below categories.

The Democratic Union of Shlish was formed and brought up by Melina Belt. Melina Belt says there is no reason why the name was stated. The government liked the name and kept with. The Democratic Union in the name is to state to say that the government is for the people and is very strongly supportive of that. The Democratic Union was started on May 10, 2015. Melina Belt took presidency after being anonymously elected by the committee.


The Democratic Union was started on May 10, 2015. The Democratic Union had started due to the interest by the President of the Union Melina Belt. Melina had been inspired by the United Federation of BMH started by Seth Hinman to make her own country. Melina Belt made the government of the Union a Direct Democracy. Although being virtual, the problems are sure to be much less than those of micronations. The Democratic Union established their Constitution by the May 16th of 2015.

Virtual World Status

The Democratic Union of Shlish plans on using the statistics from the virtual world as their facts. In the virtual world, the Democratic Union of Shlish may not compare to others but it is fairly big. The DUS has 14,675,342 citizens in the VW (virtual world). Education is also a big thing for this cyber nation. There are exactly 1,742 High Schools, 2,756 Grade Schools and 29 Universities. 1,900,000+ students are registered in Grade Schools. 1,256,000+ are registered in High Schools. There are 400,418 students in the Universities. There are 297,000+ teachers working in the schools. Education costs the Union over 1.17 million dollars. The capitol of the Democratic Union is the city of Wakerston. There are 21 cities in the country. There are 13,210,971 citizens in the population. 4,342,000+ are under the age 18. The average age in the Union is 30 years. The age expectancy is 70 years old. There are expected to be 303,000+ births this year on the schedule. That is because the Union runs on the virtual worlds rate of play which is must faster than real life time. There are 152,000+ expected deaths within the citizens. There over 4,900,000+ working citizens and less than 986,000 unemployed. There are less than 516,000 disabled people. 825,212 citizens are retired. The country has no wars as it is labeled as a peaceful status along with 880+ other countries.


There are not much politics here.


The Government of the Democratic Union is a Direct Democracy. Melina Belt is the President and her is Vice President Selena Packer. The Government is strongly focused on Social Security. Being a strong one, it costs the Government 1.92+ million dollars to interact with.

Foreign relations

The Democratic Union is very open to relations. They are a peaceful ally and welcome many. The Democratic Union currently recognizes the following micronations: United Federation of BMH and the Commmonwealth for Citizens Against War.

Nations that were automatically recognized by the Democratic Union