The Democratic Republic of Socialist Tartania

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The "Democratic Republic of Socialist Tartania" or "Tartania" it's a nation who declared the independence the day 09/04/2018.


How we sayed before it's a young nation. But the idea was created months ago. The leader Joseph the "for-live" he started a revolution againist the spanish government. In 11/04/2018 has been created the nationality of the citizens and mesure laws (lenght & temperature).


The official currency is the Emperus. The taxes have to be payed in Emperus.


Mesure Law: This law stablish the tadok, macrotadok, macro-macro tadok and the megatadok for be the lenght official mesure of Tartania. And the Kala Meni and the Kala Mayi for be the official mesure of temperature of Tartania.


No taxes has been created.


According to Joseph the for-live, the government is a democratic republic who has elections every 3 weeks.


The parliament is most important institution in Tartania it has 2 seats, 1 for the president and 1 for other.

Political Parties

The only allowed political parties are:

Unificated Social Communist Party (Marxism-Leninism). Capitalist Democratic Party (Capitalism). Liberal Green and Left-Wing Alliance (Liberalism,ecologism). Social-Democratic Party of Tartania (Social-Democracy). Union of Anonymous (No ideology defined). Liberalism for Ever (Ultra-Liberalists).