Democratic Republic of Charles

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The Democratic Republic of Charles

National Flag

Apud familia, omnis (Latin)
"In family, all"
We Stand for the Family
Jocelyn Islands, Kabile Island, and the Heard and McDonald Islands in Antarctica
Capital cityJocelyn City (de jure)
Founder's Residence (
de facto)
Official language(s)English, Charle
Short nameCharles
DemonymCharlian, Charlandian, Charle
GovernmentDemocratic republic
Established4 February 2019
Area claimed368.19 km2
CurrencyCharles zinc
National dishTater tot casserole
National animalSnow Petrel

The Democratic Republic of Charles, also known more simply as Charles or the DR of Charles, is an unfinished, unestablished micronation created on 4 February 2019 by Maxwell. The nation is currently under construction, but has claimed three territories, all of which are in Antarctica. The territories are the Jocelyn Islands, Kabile Island, and the Heard and McDonald Islands.


Maxwell had his first interactions with micronations when he stumbled upon the Micronation Wikipedia page. A few weeks after that, on 16 January 2019, Maxwell began to create the Kingdom of Intarnica, but later dissolved the government on February 3, 2019. He then decided to create a new micronation using what he learned from the previous process of building one.


The Democratic Republic of Charles is currently going through huge reforms to accommodate for the new land claims, updating the flag, anthem, coat of arms, and other aspects. They are expected to be completed by June 2019.



The national flag was officiated on February 5, 2019. The flag's official name is "The Principalias of Charles". The white and white blue is for the landscape of the nation, the dark blue stripe represents the refusal to follow any nation's rules or the Antarctic Treaty. The two stars are for the original two territorial claims (Jocelyn and Kabile island(s)). The star with the diamond represents the original building grounds of Jocelyn City, the nation's capital. Another flag was presented, but was ultimately rejected. There is no state, military, or any other flag than the National flag.

The rejected proposal. The colors stand for the same ideas as the official flag's.

Coat of Arms

There is no coat of arms.

Anthem and March

The nation's anthem and march is called We Stand for the Family.


The motto is Apud familia, omnis (Latin); In family, all.

National animal

The national animal is the Snow petrel.

Capital and largest cities

The capital of Charles is Jocelyn City. It is unpopulated.


The currency is the Charles zinc. One US dollar is equivalent to one Zinc.

  • 1 zinc = 1 zincan note
  • 2 zincs = 2 zincan note
  • 5 zincs = 5 zincan note
  • 10 zincs = 10 zincan note
  • 20 zincs = 20 zincan note
  • 50 zincs = Half-o'-ground
  • 100 zincs [or two Half-o'-grounds] = 1 ground
  • X amount of grounds = X grounds

Other unofficial symbols


The national plant is Poa kerguelensis. It is a tussock grass native to Heard Island.


The national fruit is the grapefruit.


The national instruments are the piano, the cello, and the oboe.


The national tree is the white willow tree.


The national dance is the square dance.


The culture of Charles is very diverse; although only one person lives in this nation, the nation still has one of the richest melting pots in the world.

Dishes & Cuisine

The national dish is tater tot casserole. It is made with tater tots, cheese, beef, onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and additional seasonings.

A traditional tater tot casserole prepared in Founder's Residence.