The Democratic Kitchen of St. Feelines

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St Feeline's
Democratic Kitchen of St. Feelines

Democratic 3.pngSt Feelines Emblem 3.png

"Oh when the saints go marching in"
St Kilda theme song.
Capital cityThe Fridge
Official language(s)English
Short nameSt. Feelines
DemonymSt. Fellinedic
GovernmentRelaxed Anarchy... I think
Established25 May 2018
Population3, one of which is a dog named fido, and another is a Garden Gnome
CurrencyFeelinedic Woldt
National sportAFL
National dishChocolate Self Saucing Pudding
National animalCat and Saint

The Democratic Kitchen of St Feelines, is a micronation based in Victoria, Australia. It currently claims only the kitchen of a house, thus the name, the democratic kitchen. It was colonized in 2016, and declared its independence from Australia in 2018. It is lead by head of kitchen, Jill Mcbrian, and currently has a population of 3. The Democratic Kitchen of St Feelines currently has 7 cities, The Fridge (capital), The Pantry, The Sink, the Stove, The Microwave, The Counter, and the Oven.


The head of kitchen, Jill Mcbrian, had the idea to form a micronation, after hearing about the ideas of micronations from the delegate, duke, and chairman, of The Grand Duchy of Razerkaikstania, Declan Coleman. She thought that a micronation needed to have food, so what better place to put it than the kitchen. The name, St Feelines, came from a mix of the 2 AFL teams, the Geelong Cats and the St Kilda Saints.


The Navy can currently only operate in The Sink, and consists of a Rubber Duck, and is lead by chief commander Fido the Dog.

That is pretty much it


Name Relations Date
Australia Allies 25 March 2018
Germany Allies 14 January 2019
Razerkaikstania flag.JPG Razerkaikstania Allies 14 January 2019