Crown Protectorate (Pristinia)

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The Crown Protectorate is an area off the shore of Mexico belonging to the Empire of Pristinia. It is used as a morally justified title mill, the titles of which are given out by Frederic I of Pristinia.

The entire Protectorate is reigned by the Sovereign of The Crown Protectorate. This is possible because the titles work feudalistically: Even if an isle already has a king, sub-areas can be ruled by Archdukes, Dukes, Counts, Viscounts, and Lords.


The titles represent control over a certain area of land:


– an entire Island. Is either King of Unyland (1.83 km²), Dyland (0.48 km²) or Tryland (0.14 km²). This title has not yet been awarded.


– half an Island. Available are either Demyland or Hemyland (0.915 km²), or Sendland or Hendland (0.24 km²). None of these are yet occupied.


– either Tetraland (a small island) or one of the halves of Tryland (Trymia or Tryonia). Each of these is 0.7 km². The only one taken is Tetraland, which was awarded to Alexander Reinhardt on 26.09.2009


– 0.1 km² of any island. Up until this point it hasn't been given out. A possible title is is "Count of Grace-Crown".


– As above, just the area is as low as 50 m². Like with all others, these are vacant. One of the possible titles is "Viscount of Murrelet and Xantus"


– The lowest, with 10m². None have been allocated yet. The title for all lords is "Lord Protector of the Crown"

All these titles are inheritable via Family or otherwise appointment of an heir. Only the Sovereign can revoke them, or the Emperor of Pristinia if both positions aren't in the hand of a single person.