Confederation of Nirvania

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Confederation of Nirvania
Flag of Nirvania

We may be small but we have plenty to offer
Dixie Land (Dead Link)
Georgia, United States
Capital cityCharleston
Largest cityFreedom City
Official language(s)German
Official religion(s)Christian
Short nameNirvania
- commander-in-chiefNone
- PresidentNone
Population4 (as of 2019 census)
Time zoneNST (NIRVANIAN Standard Time)
National sportSoccer
National animalLargemouth bass

The Confederation of Nirvania was established on November 8th, 2018.


The Confederation of Nirvania was established on November 8th 2018. Nirvania does not have much history except for the major economical downfall of 2018 which took place December 15,2018. Nirvania is now an inactive country. No land claims exist.


Nirvania is a confederacy that is based off of a lot of the ways that the Confederate States of America was. There are several states which haven't been named or have had borders worked out.


Nirvania's military is broken up into 3 branches: Navy, Army, Air Force. The army uses standard air rifles and high explosive deadly mortars. The navy is a work in progress but will compromise of 2 small vessels. The navy currently has one large emergency vessel which is a john boat. The air force is very small. It is just a few surveillance drones.


Nirvania's terrain is compromised mainly of clay ground, coniferous forests, some large pine trees, and large creeks


Nirvania uses its own language called English German. It compromises of mainly english but some words will be spoken in german.


Nirvania is now inactive.