The Coalition (Duck Islands)

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The Coalition (Duck Islands)
Party Leadernot appointed
Founded1 January 2022
HeadquartersDuck Islands
Membership (2022)2
Political positionBig-tent
Colors  Blue

The Coalition (Czech: Koalice) is a political group, formed on 1 January 2022 by merger of remaining elements of the Conservative Party of Posaf and the New Democrats Party on the territory of the Duck Islands. Currently it is the only political group in the Islands.


Conservative Party operated in Posaf since 2 January 2018 as the oldest political party in the micronation. New Democratd Party formed later, on 28 March 2018. Both parties kept to the forefront of Posafian politics. As part of preparations for 2020 Nievenorte provincial election both parties, along with Green and Liberal parties, formed Nievenorte regional branch on 18 March. Even though the regional branches did not have their own administration, the Nievenorte branch of New Democrats Party immidiately became based in the Duck Islands County, with Tomáš Falešník as it's only member. After the departure of Zabëlle Skye from Posaf in March 2021, the Conservative Party of Nievenorte also became de facto administered from Duck Island as Joel Novotný remained as it's last member. The proclamation of the provisional administration in the Duck Islands on 21 August 2021 did not affect the parties at first, but the Declaration of adjustment of the status of the Duck Islands from 1 January 2022 merged both branches as the last remaining political parties in Duck Islands into one subject.

Member Parties

Despite the name and formation from merging two different parties, the exact status of The Coalition is uncertain, as the provisional government repealed all Posafian laws not adjusting the borders of Duck Islands, leaving the state of the two parties merged undefined. The Coalition is however still considered to consist of the two parties, even if they don't server any real purpose in the inner workings of the subject and it operating as a whole as a single party.

Party Political position De facto leader
Conservative Party of Nievenorte
Konzervativní strana Nievenorte
Centre-right Joel Novotný
New Democrats Party of Nievenorte
Strana nových demokratů Nievenorte
Center Tomáš Falešník