The Cloverzemic Realm

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The Cloverzemic Realm
DemocraticRepublicofCloverzem.pngCloverzem Emblem.png

Esse Aut, Non Esse
Capital cityFrankbaden
Official language(s)English, Russian, Italian, Spanish
Official religion(s)Atheism, Christianity
Short nameCloverzem
GovernmentUnitary One-party State
- Der RichterErich von Schroeder
- NationalerrichterVacant
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 10
Established19 April 2019
Population26 Census in March 2019
CurrencyDer Clover C
Time zoneEST/EDT
National sportTrainspotting
National dishPizza
National drinkRoot Beer
National animalMaltipoo
National exportLEGOS


The Cloverzemic Realm, was commonly known as Cloverzem; was a micronation that was established on April 24, 2019 after the fall of the Federal Republic of Cloverzem.

The word clover comes from the Latin word Trifolium incarnatum. The Clover is a lucky flower, but is named after the President Jay Clover, from when he played Garry’s Mod with friends on a The Walking Dead Server, from when he met Alexander, Mami Clover, (The name that Jay adapted to) and Starry. They made Jay’s Life better. Jay, And Mami became Really good friends and He Adapted the Name Clover. And in Irish Culture, the nationality of the president, the 4 leaf clover, is considered very lucky.


Cloverzem was founded by Jay Clover and Archie Gillesburg in case the Aenderian Republic (Clover As Vice President) planned to secede, but the odds were in his favor, he won aenderia. On February 23, 2019, He Declared Independence from Auvenum, seceding the island of Jir (Antarctic island). He placed KomradeDoge as Vice President, his ally and his friend made Cloverzem, into a real nation. Cameron Koehler a new friend of Clover helped a lot as well. Cameron Koehler made the Coat Of Arms and the Flag Of the new found Republic. KomradeDoge And Clover Explored the LIRR Abandoned branch the Day before, and now Cloverzem is a part of the BepisRail-CloverTransit organization. On 30 March 2019, the Republic had announced that the President Jay Clover I Had quit, along with Vice President KomradeDoge (Which he didn’t). Jay Clover Gave half of his territories to Misberia and Ikonia. And he seceded the LIRR Bay Ridge Branch Back to Brooklyn. Erich von Schroeder became the President of Cloverzem. After 25 minutes Erich Made his Capitol Secede from the Republic, then Doge became the president. And He Reinstated Jay Clover as his Vice.

On April 19, 2019, The Federal Republic of Cloverzem was re-instated as The Cloverzemic Realm. On April 24, 2019, The Cloverzemic Realm dissolved


Government and Politics

Political Parties

The following are the Political Parties of The Cloverzemic Realm

Party Logo Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Parliament


Citizenship and Entry

Cloverzem has a strict Policy on Citzenship, if you don’t apply for Visa or Citizen, you risk Deportation (Kicked From Server).

Cloverzem has 4 Types of Citizenship Choices

  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Temporary Visa
    6 Month 
    3 Month
    1 Month
    3 Weeks
    2 Weeks 
    1 Week
  • Full Citzenship
  • Observer

Citizenship Application is here ===>

Law and Order

Many different crimes can be punished differently under capital punishment and can span from community service to temporary or permanent exile. In Cloverzem, all accused are innocent until proven guilty. The accused will be provided a defense attorney if one cannot afford one and whether he or she is guilty will be decided by a jury of up to seven citizens. The Accused will stand in court in front of a judge, if he is proven guilty, can appeal to a higher court such as the Supreme Court or the Microcourt there, if found guilty He/She will be jailed.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Although the nation does not have an actual hospital, the only Trauma Center and two hospital is in the area near the Bay Ridge Branch, a few blocks away, and near where KomradeDoge and Jay Clover I found the Bay ridge branch which is

  • Kings County Hospital Center
  • Mount Sinai Hospital Brooklyn

Kings County Hospital Center is the hospital where the President Jay Clover I was taken when he was hit by a car, and broke his leg. Also on March 9 the First Family of Cloverzem experienced a huge emergency, whilst the father of the President was driving on Flatbush Avenue He Got into a serious car accident. He broke his wrist and his finger on his right arm. He spent 3 days in the hospital. Then came back home to the Presidental Household. Then He had another incident with a hemorrhage in his eye, and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital Brooklyn and discharged 20 minutes later.

Administrative Regions

Government Departments

The Realm has more than a dozen departments which are used to fulfill different purposes in the country of Cloverzem. The departments are accountable for managing a certain part of a country, such as Immigration ( Aufnahmeflügel), Homeland Security (Staatssicherheit), Agriculture (Landwirtschaftsflügel), Environmental Protection (Innenflügel), Health (Gesundheitsflügel) and Labor (Arbeitsflügel).

Foreign Relations

Unilateral Recognition

Formal Recognition

Does Not Recognize


The Military of the Cloverzemic Realm is comprised of 2 Divisions, the Staatssicherheit and the Bewaffneterflügel.

Geography and Climate

National Holidays

Date Name Notes
22 July Presidents Day A day commemerating one of the first head of the Cloverzem Government
31 October Vice Presidents’ Day and Halloween A day Commemerating The First Vice President on his birthday,
and natural American holiday
24 December Christmas Eve Day before Christmas
25 December Christmas Day Day Commemorating Jesus
31 December New Years Eve Day Before New Years
1 January New Years Day First day of the new year
19 April Realm Day The Day the Realm was founded



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