The Church of New Prussia

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The Church of New Prussia
Die Kirche von Neu-Preußen
Coat of Arms of The Church of New Prussia (Vacant).svg.png
Coat of arms of The Church of New Prussia
ClassificationNew Prussian Catholic
PopePius Eugene I
LanguageGerman and English
FounderKaiser August IV
OriginSeptember 27, 2019-Present
  • Blue Jays 8
  • Bishops 0
  • Priests 0
  • Junior Priest 0

Die Kirche von Neu-Preußen (English:The Church of New Prussia)

The Church of New Prussia, sometimes called the New Prussian Holy See, is the center of New Prussian Catholicism which were both established on September 27, 2019 by order of His Imperial Majesty, Kaiser August IV. It is now one of the official religions of the Empire of New Prussia. We worship the Holy Trinity. Male and female can join the clergy. Anyone can join this religion no matter of gender, age, race, ethnicity, etc.

Clergy and Organization

New Prussian Catholicism is almost like Roman Catholicism but with some changes such as instead of a College of Cardinals, there is the Brotherhood of Blue Jays who take the color of, as the name says, blue. The Blue Jays shall have a Chief of the Brotherhood in place of a Dean. If there is no Pope or if the Pope is absent to create new Blue Jays, then the Kaiser will take the Holy Fathers place. The Blue Jays will be granted the responsibility to consecrate any priest within their diocese to the rank of Bishop only if the Pope sees that they are worthy of the title and he agrees with the Blue Jays choice. The Bishops will take the color green and they shall see to ordain any person as Priest as long they have been taught by the ways of the church and the person has bean Junior Priest for one month. The color of a Priest is not set, he/she can wear any color they want except for white, blue, or green and the same goes for the Junior Priest.

Blue Jays

The Brotherhood of Blue Jays are the "princes and princesses of the church" the are in charge of their dioceses and of the Bishops, Priests and Junior Priests of their dioceses. They are also responsible for electing a new Pope. The first Blue Jay was August Harms and he was also the Chief of the Blue Jays until he was elected pope. The Senior Blue Jay, in terms of age, is Ira L. Johnson. The Chief is the person in charge of the Brotherhood of Blue Jays. The Chief of the Brotherhood is Prince Reese, and his second in command who is the Sub Chief is his brother Prince Spencer. The Blue Jays are also in charge of ordaining Bishops. If a Blue Jay sees that a Priest is worthy to be a Bishop, he has to send a letter of recommendation to the Pope. If there is no Pope, the letter then goes to the Kaiser. If the letter is accepted, then the Blue Jay will preform a ceremony to consecrate that priest a bishop.

Dioceses and parishes

The Church is lead by the Pope of the New Prussian Catholics and is the head of the Diocese of New Prussia, which covers the whole empire, but we have yet to elect a pope. There are 4 dioceses, one per each constituent country in the empire, and also has 5 parishes. There are one in each constituent country except for the Kingdom of New Saxony which has 2.

The Papal Conclave

When there is no pope, the coat of arms of the church and the holy see will look the same but will have a mitre instead a the papal crown. The papal conclave has yet to begin due to lack of Blue Jays in the Brotherhood. The conclave will be posted on YouTube so that viewers can see how the Pope is elected and they can guess who the next Pope might be. When the pope is elected the Chief will ask the elected Blue Jay if he/she accepts. The Chief will ask what name does the recipient wished to be called. Any Blue Jay of any age can participate in the conclave. The papal coat of arms will be based off the churches coat of arms with the name of the new Pope in the white stripe written in black.