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Christian Workers Nation of Tsenkyo
Flag of Vendesco.png Flag

"Holy Bread and Work for all!"
Largest cityMischistan
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Christianity
- PresidentEthan Brown
- Vice-presidentVacant
- The Head General of DefenseJani Keränen
LegislatureThe Tsenkyan Court of law and justice.
EstablishedFebruary 16, 2016.
Population16 (2018)


The The Christian Workers Nation of Tsenkyo was started by Ethan brown who wanted to make a non lazy Christian nation, The nations was divided up into 3 different classes But it eventually changed, Tsenkyo's original name was Bralivithan but it split into a other nation, Tsenkyo has been in 1 war against a rival of his when he came to Brayden's home with ATV cars and paintball guns, Tsenkyo's forces eventually won, forcing Brayden to surrender and his land was giving to Tsenkyo. On May 17 Tsenkyo got its first recognition which was from The Iustus Republic.