Chamber of Deputies (Istria)

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Chamber of Deputies
Camera Deputaților
Camera dei deputati
II° Legislature
TypeLower house
President of the ChamberNed Vodă (USI-SD), Union Save the Istrians (USI)
Majority LeaderPistoalea Alexandru (PDRI-NI), Democratic Party
Opposition LeaderSean Connway, Nationalist-Socialist Movement Party
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Political groups
  Democratic Party: 117 seats
  Nationalist Socialist Popular Movement: 112 seats
  Save The Istrians Union: 93 seats
  San Marino Party: 31 seats
  Istrian Italian Party: 40 seats
  Nationalist Party: 20 seats
  Liberalist-Capitalist Alliance: 20 seats
  Libertian Party: 17 seats
Voting systemNominal Appeal (electronic)
Voting systemBallot Voting
Last election2014
The Palace of White Block, Hamburg

The Chamber of Delegates is the lower house of the Parliament, the legislature of the Republic of Istria. The Chamber consists of 450 delegates and several parties. The Chamber of Delegates is the primary legislative body of the Parliament, the Senate (the upper house) being mostly ceremonial. The Chamber of Delegates creates legislation, and approves the Supreme Judge and The Prime Minister. The chamber has been founded in 2005 after the fall of the communist regime and since then has done it s job in keeping the law power.


The Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies is the leader of the chamber, and is tasked with chairing sessions and recording minutes. The speaker is elected every 4 years by the chamber, and has no term limits.

Speaker's of the Chamber

Name Party Term began Term Ended
1 Ioanov Carmen DPRI 2005 2012
2 Atanasie Ioana Andrei DPRI 2012 2017
3 Bíbidus Serios DPRI 2017 2021
4 Ned Vodă USI 2021 Incumbent

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