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Capitolio de Bellas Artes
National Parliament of The United Socialist States
Seven thseal.gif
PresidentGamaliel Rodriguez
since Agosto 21, 2015
Vice PresidentJesus Rodriguez Arellano
since Agosto 21, 2015
Political groups Democratic Party (15)
Voting systemFirst-past-the-post
Last electionjune 7, 2015.

The National Parliament of the United Socialist States is in charge of monitoring and ensuring that the laws are respected and that the provisions of the Charter of the Foundation of said Micronacion are met in the Capitolio de Bellas Artes in the City of CyberCity.

Despite the Politics of The United Socialist States, of being a Social Democratic Government, that is to say of a Socialist Government with full Democracy there are only 4 political parties, which are: Democratic Party, Party Conservative, Liberal Party and the Revolutionary Party.