Republic of Normalistan

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Republic of Normalistan
Coat of arms
Motto: Welcome to the Oasis
Anthem: TBA
Rembert, SC; Charleston, SC
Largest cityBlack River City
Official languagesUS English
Demonym(s)Normal, Normalistani
GovernmentRepublic (UMR State)
• President
[Removed for Privacy Reasons]
• Prime Minister
[Removed for Privacy Reasons]
• Chancellor
John Sampson
EstablishmentJune, 2011
• Census
CurrencyNormalistan Credit (-N-)
Time zone(UTC-5 or -4)

Normalistan was founded on 7 June 2011, after the Republc of the Boondocks. It is a small nation in a hard to reach area of the US state of South Carolina, where few live. It has become the first state in the UMR.


The name was thought up on spot.


The Dictatorship of Normalistan came after the short-lived Republic of the Boondocks, just five days later. The government changed because of a sudden change in population and interests in the nation. The area claimed dramatically reduced itself to one house in midland South Carolina and a beach house in Charleston.

Awesome Era

Officially since July 16, 2011, Normalistan has become a territory of the Confederation of Awesome. This has influenced the Normalistani government to stabilise the nation. Since then, the nation has gained a stable military force called the State Defense Force (SDF), a stable economic state, new infrastructure and two provinces. Research on the Confederation as well as Canada helped tremendously.

UMR Cession

In August, Normalistan gave up being a mobile state and became a normal republic. The president later created the UMR. The UMR is a micronation which plans to unite micronational republics with little attention or stability into a confederation.

Government and politics

The government of Normalistan is a republic and a state in the [UMR].

The government's interaction with the central council of the UMR is handled by the president who stays in power for ten years at a time. He also is partial head of the SDF and internal affairs.

The prime minister handles internal affairs such as the infrastructure and the economy. They are elected every six years.

The chancellor handles the affairs of the SDF. Elections are five years apart.


The SDF or State Defense Force is the Normalistan branch of the [UMR] They are armed with AQA-12 Water rifles (Aqua's), SQRTR pistols (squirtguns), and the Zenmaster waterbombs. They also arm themselves with the S-A-I plastic attack knives. Most of these weapons are made in China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Geography and climate

Normalistan has a harsh climate with little variation. Some of the year is warm, with almost no snow, and the rest is blisteringly hot and humid. In summer, the temperature soars over 100 °F regularly. Many storms and Hurricanes take place later in the year, always becoming a threat.


All education within Normalistan is handed to the local school system.


Please take off your shoes when entering another's home, be polite, and be kind and rewind.


We soon plan to have a YouTube Channel and possibly a broadcasting station.

The Arts

Many within Normalistan have great potential for acting. Others have taken to writing or drawing. Some play instruments and write songs.