The Beliverez Project

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on the east on bayonne, the prusso-american empires capitol, there used to be a micronation, small, with no microwiki page on it. the shortlived empire of the georgean balloe was strong, they covered most of jersey city and staten island, and parts of elizibeth and union. but a new country amerged, the prusso-american empire and they waged war on the georgen balloe. jersey city was attacked first from the empire with ten troops, it was called the beliverez project. the ten troops occupied the head building, the jersey city city hall. when there 50 troops delt with our 10, we sent around 20-30 as the main force from behind, they surrendered shortly after that. the other part was to occupy staten island. we sent the 40 troops to there after they surrendered. the troops went on and occupyed two houses as there base. they then occupyed up to 30 houses in the next ten days. they also occupied a local bar and a home goods store. they also make some allies and hired people to join them, they came back with around 60-70 troops. on those 12 days, 17 people got injured, no deaths at all. this is a historical moment for us and we wont forget it.