Basin Administrative Regency

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City of Basin
Kota Basin
—  City of State of Barakstan  —

City Bbd.jpg Barakstan
Established 6 january 2014
Time zone UTC (UTC+7)

The City of Basin is the second largest city in Barakstan, Basin City is located at ± 0.5 km from Arkapura. Named Basin City because the city is located in the lower mainland that make up the basin. Basin City is also known as the cultural center city of Barakstan.


Before Barakstan broke away from Indokistan, Basin City is a region of Indokistan with state level along with the providenciales Territory and named of the Basin and Providenciales, and after independence this region later became part of State of Barakstan as the city of Basin. The city first known with the name Galuh City.


Basin City residents amounted to 9 people, consisting of 3 men and 6 women, no active population in the region. The entire population of the Basin City is Sundanese ancestry, religion is also embraced Islam. Population in Basin City steeped in the culture blend of Islamic culture and local culture, especially the culture of Sunda, where the city is often held very strong religious event with tradisoinal culture.


Basin City is located 665 meters altitude (above sea level). Basin is located in the city under which the dam blocked the river which is on the north of the river. Plants contained in Basin City is bamboo, cane and all kinds of wild plants. The animals were found in the City of Basin only farm animals such as poultry and goats, there are only a few storks that live in the bamboo trees on the riverbank.


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