The Based Commonwealth

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The Based Commonwealth
Η Βασισμένη Κοινοπολιτεία
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters The Based Commonwealth
Telegram Group

Official language Greek

Membership 4 members:

– Foundation 11 January 2021
– Treaty of Zenia 22 January 2021

The Based Commonwealth (Greek: Η Βασισμένη Κοινοπολιτεία), unofficially "The Based Quartumvirate", is a loose political union formed between Rhōmanía, Græcia, Pangration, and Zenia. The Commonwealth seeks to advance the interests of its members, all of which have common goals and have formed a diplomatic bloc based on the common ideals shared by those nations.


The Commonwealth's establishment was unofficially announced on Twitter on the 11 January 2021,[1] following extensive talks between the leaders of Rhomania, Græcia and Pangration. The three leaders, having previously involved themselves in micronations such as Zenia and "The one that should not be named", and maintaining close daily interactions, decided to form a diplomatic and political bloc based on principles that are held in common by all 3 nations. Those principles, characterized among others as "based", "very based", and "baste", are the driving force behind the Commonwealth, and have laid the foundations for the union's success.

The Commonwealth's establishment was put into paper and made official 11 days after the initial announcement, with the Treaty of Zenia taking effect on that day.


  • Rhomania and Pangration, two of the members, are only 200 metres far from each other at their closest point.
  • Græcia and Zenia, the other two members, are also only 200 metres far from each other at their closest point.