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New Cymru
Flag of New Cymru
Motto: Buddugoliaeth, Neu Farwolaeth
Anthem: Buck's Boogee- Blue Öyster Cult
and largest city
Other languagesEnglish, Welsh
100% athiesm
GovernmentParliamentary, constitutional monarchy, under a democracy
• Monarch
Emperor Logan I
Independence from the United Kingdom
• Declaration of Independence
9 May 2019
• Estimate
• Density
0.04/km2 (0.1/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
CurrencyPound Sterling
Cymrunian Stars ,br. Aenopian Nails (CST)
Time zoneIMT: Imperium Mean Time (40 mins ahead of GMT)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy;
Driving sideleft

The Imperium of Man, commonly known as New Cymru, was a micronation in The United Kingdom. At 21:59 GMT on the 9 May 2019, the ruler of The Imperium of Man, announced the independence of the country. The country runs a full monarchy, however individual states can apply for a council. The capital is Terra, where Weisseria castle is located. The Emperor is also the speaker of the chamber for the Organisation of Active Micronations.

The Imperium of Man will often annex uninhabited land to become part of the empire, but this has led the nation into some controversial scenes, resulting in few not taking the nation seriously. The Imperium of Man is NOT a fictional micronation or a roleplay nation, and tries its best to be as serious as possible. This follows claims that the Nation is merely a joke, or some sort of roleplay. At 22:16 CMT on 30 June 2019, New Cymru was officially dissolved, bringing an end to nearly 2 months.

During it's relatively short time of existence, the nation was regarded as a joke for engaging in conflicts, claiming obscene amounts of land, making unrealistic statements and reportedly "developing" "chemical" weapons (for which was confirmed by the Emperor post-New Cymru as being cancelled 3 days after the announcement for legal and morale issues). Following the dissolution of the nation, the Emperor cleaned his slate and formed Aenopia, for which he has been regarded for "moving away from his past" and even becoming a member nation (provisional) of GUM. This page has been left as a reminder to other nations of what not to do when starting up your own country.


Formation era

At 21:59 on the 9 May 2019, New Cymru (this was the original name for the Imperium of Man) officially declared independence, thus forming the country. Th next day the country annexed a large portion of Northern Antarctica, thus increasing New Cymru's size by more than 200 km, the annex, however due to the country not being a member of UAMC,and instead being the first observer, this is disputed. This is known as the "Formation era" as the first few days were spent on creating the nation and shaping it to be the ideal image at the time. It is worth noting that eras will often overlap each over.

Golden Age

The Imperium of Man's claim for New Caledonia

On the 10 May 2019, "New Cymru" was voted to become a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM). The next day, work began on a series of highly classified files covering everything about the country, called the Terra Files after the capital for which they're stored. These files cover everything from individual citizens, to disputes between countries involving "New Cymru". On the 12 May, the monarch declared war on the Catholic Revolutionary group, thus pulling itself into the War on Terror in Quebec. This war only lasted a few days before pulling out. This same day, they also decided to annex the West Midlands peninsula. In the early hours of the 17 May, the Emperor decided to annex some uninhabited islands surrounding the Falkland lands and parts of Wales. It was subsequently named "the Marshall plan" after the Blue Öyster cult song. At a date that has since been lost to history, they decided to annex the parts of New Caledonia and small uninhabited islands surrounding it. This time is considered as the "Golden age" due to the large size of "New Cymru", making it the 3rd largest micronation. This lasted for only a few hours, due to claims being dropped after controversy. At the time, "New Cymru" was also actively engaging with other micronations at its peak.

Age of Strife

This began immediately after the Principality of Edelein declared war in late May 2019. This marked the beginning of "New Cymru's" Age of strife- a time of uncertainty within the nation and for which others grew frustrated and annoyed at "New Cymru." During this time, The Emperor created a contingency plan and began drawing out plans to attack allies if it was ever needed. On the 24 June 2019, White peace was declared between the two conflicting nations. This brought the Age of Strife to an abrupt end.

Age of Death

This era is known as such, due to it being situated in the dying days of the empire. Whilst the empires of other nations, like the Empire of Emosia flourished, New Cymru's empire was plunged into uncertainty. At the time, many nations were hot on the heels of New Cymru due to their actions. It was finally announced at 4:27pm IMT on the 26 June 2019 that New Cymru would be dissolved at the months end. This came after the nations nation being utterly destroyed by conflicts, micronationalist opinions and actions taken by the nation. The land was agreed to be split up after dissolution and handed out to Empire of Emosia and the Kingdom of West Kaurakuja.


New Cymru is Welsh for "New Wales" for which the nation was named after. The Imperium of Man is named after an Empire with the same name in the Warhammer franchise.


The Imperium of Man's very small military is split into multiple sections, these being:

  • The Army
  • The Navy
  • The Air Force
  • Legio Custodes

Legio Custodes

The legio Custodes is named after a similar force in the Warhammer saga, however the Cymrunian version defends different parts of the empire. This is formed of only the best soldiers from the army.

New Cymrunian Army

The Cymrunian army is a important part of the military, with its use being found during wars. All male citizens are required by law to give at least 1 yearly service, this could be in active service or stationary operation. This excludes those who are physically unable to fight.

Air Force

The Air force is the largest asset, however its fleet comprises of 1 drone. Initially, there were plans to develop a fleet of low price- high powered fighter planes that could be shipped off to other nations. These plans were curbed, however, along with countless other New Cymrunian projects.


The Navy does not have any ships as of now, however it currently has a small destroyer class under construction numbered "D832" and named " Onslaught" after a British locomotive with the same name. There are rumours that development of a hovercraft is underway for transportation of goods, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Role in the OAM

New Cymru's flag for the 2019 OAM games hosting bid

On the 10 May 2019, New Cymru was voted as a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations (OAM). The country has also placed a bid for hosting the OAM games 2019, however this was won by Phokland. It has put a bid to host both the 2020 and 2021 games, however. New Cymru does have 1 member participating. The country also put in a bid to host the OAM headquarters, however this won by the Empire of Emosia. The Emperor is also the Speaker of the Chamber. In late June 2019, The Emperor ran for Chancellor, however was not added to the poll until an hour before the end. This was won by James I of Emosia.

Countries recognised by New Cymru with no relations

New Cymru has little foreign relations with other micronations. New Cymru is a member of the Organisation of Active Micronations (New Eiffel Union), which currently has 44 member states and 7 observers.

Recognised states; no foreign relations

Full foreign relations


New Cymru, like other micronations, was formed due to a poor political system in the ruler's country, this being the United Kingdom. The country runs as an absolute monarchy, but each state has it's own council which decided on smaller, individual things for each state. Due to a lack of citizens, there is currently no members of these councils, so they're run by The Emperor himself. This will be for the forseeable future. The council is split into multiple roles:

  • Ambassador to other states
  • Minister of transport and communications
  • Minister of construction
  • Minister of Science and Technology
  • Minister of Public Health
  • Minister of Warfare and Defence
  • Minister of Education and Public Concerns
  • Chief Minister

It is worth noting that these roles are offered to anyone who wants one, albeit with a background check to ensure they are serious and a safe representative for New Cymru.


The Mark 4a Sleeper under development by New Cymru Rail Systems

New Cymru does not have any form of transportation under its control as of now. Transport around Wales can be taken by bus, taxi or trains. The Falklands have even less accessibility: with no rail system or major motorways. Few states have road systems, this is complemented by the Public Transport Act. Terra has a OO gauge heritage railway under construction- this will utilise National Rail Collection locomotives and rolling stock. It will utilise a section of the now-defunct Table-mountain to Lego world line, which was built before the idea of New Cymru was ever conceived. It is worth checking Timetables or Google for any information regarding services if needed.


New Cymru's empire has claims all over the planet, despite the fact that these claims are not very large and may not be well accepted.

Name Territorial Capital Date of Annex
Terra and Subsidaries Terra 9 May 2019
Territory of North Antarctica Oer gwaedlyd 10 May 2019
West Midlands Peninsula Porth nefoedd 14 May 2019
Old Wales New Cardiff 17 May 2019
New Caledonia Isvaan N/A
New Falklands and subsidiaries New Stanley 23 May 2019
Madagascar and Eastern Africa Calth 4 June 2019
Canadia N/A N/A


Due to a majority of New Cymru being located in Antarctica, the weather is very cold, with temperatures dropping as low as -60*c therefore it is not recommended you take a trip on holiday there without packing lots of clothes. Terra, however is relatively mild in summertime, with temperatures reaching 17*c. During winter, temperatures reach as low as 2*c. Terra receives a large amount of precipitation, which is not uncommon to the United Kingdom, and weather will often be cloudy.


Climate data for Istvaan
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -23
Daily mean °C (°F) -26
Average low °C (°F) -28
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 9.2
Source: [1] (data from 2005-2015)

Disputes and Conflicts

New Cymru has fought in the War Against Terror in Quebec, however help has been withdrawn. On the 26 May 2019, Emperor Logan I declared an override of Section IV of the Terra Files and declared war on Edelein during his visit to the West Midland Peninsula.

The Cymrunian- Edelein Cold War

In late May 2019, the Principality of Edelein declared war on New Cymru for the development of project R.A.D. According to section IV of the Terra Files, the Emperor cannot A) Declare war on another nation B) Order the use of extreme weapons or C) Order a mass deployment of military assets whilst away from Terra. This caused problems, as the Emperor was on a diplomatic visit to the West Midland Peninsula. Despite this, he ordered a override and declared war on Edelein via the OAM discord server. For while war had been declared on both sides, no conflict has ensued, thus is referred to as "The Cymrunian- Edelein Cold War."

War Against Terror in Quebec

On the 12 May 2019, Emperor Logan I announced that New Cymru would join the War against terror in Quebec (WATIQ) after declaring war on the Catholic Revolutionary Group. This caused problems, as New Cymru was only 3 days old at the time and had virtually no assets, let alone a military. This is an example of the Emperor dragging the nation into Conflicts, even if it didn't concern him. The reason for The Emperors war declaration is unknown, however it is believed to have been a result of the Kingdom of West Kaurakuja's participation. The Emperor also reached an agreement with Aidan I of Quebec for the trialling of the now-cancelled Project R.A.D and the possible deployment of such into the war after testing was complete. This only led to problems, with the Principality of Edelein declaring war on New Cymru for the supposed "use of it in the war." This led to the as-previously mentioned "Cymrunian-Edelein Cold War."


Due to a lack of citizens bringing their cultures, New Cymru doesn't really have much of a culture. The Emperor, however, is very fond of the 70s rock band Blue Öyster Cult, for which many areas of New Cymru have been named after. The Emperor also has a interest in the tabletop game "Warhammer 40k" and thus, many features of New Cymru also have names after events, characters or planets in the Trilogy. This includes the Legio Custodes, the capital of Antarctica is known as "Istvaan" after inhabitable planet for which became famous for what is known as "The Dropsite Massacre."

List of public holidays

Date Holiday Remark
1. January New Year's Day Beginning of new year.
15. January Reflection day To reflect on how glum and boring January is.
8 May Independence Day Cymrunians celebrate New Cymru's Independance.
18. May Emperor's day Day The celebration of the Emperors birthday
14. June Falklands Day Celebration of the end of the Falkland wars
25. December Christmas Day Not officially recognised by The Emperor due to it being a religious holiday, however it's still celebrated by many people
26. December End of Christmas Celebrates the return of order and work to New Cymru after the festive period has ended

Post-Dissolution and Legacy

New Cymru has been and often is regarded as a controversial nation, even following dissolution. Following the collapse of the nation, Logan went on to form the Empire of Aenopia, which has in itself been largely successful.